Bachelorette 2015, Part II

Let’s pick up right where we left off last night…

The girls are distressed as they wait for Chris to finish counting the roses.  (Really, how long does it take to count 25 roses?  Chris, you’re better than that.)

Kaitlyn is adamant about it: “My husband is in that room.  If I don’t get picked, it will be the worst thing in the world.”

This is a matter of semantics, I know, but I just want to point out that you have to actually be married to have a husband, you know.  So “your husband” is as much in that room as my imaginary friend is in the trunk of my car.  (Not in a serial killer way, I promise.)  And worst thing in the world if you don’t get picked? Really? THE WORST? What about global terrorism, or the tanked economy, or starving children, or ebola, or anything else? Nope, that’s all small potatoes compared to your love life.  If you don’t get picked, it’s like the poor kids in Guatemala will be lining up to sponsor YOU and send you letters.  I get that.

But don’t worry, impoverished Guatemalan children, you don’t have to worry about sponsoring a heartbroken American woman because Britt got dropped harder than Jennifer Aniston when Brangelina happened.

#TEAMKAITLYN rejoices!

happy kaitlyn

photo source: KGS blog

Surprisingly, Britt does not demand a recount or burst into tears on the spot.  But after she’s in the limo and the shock begins to subside, the ugly-crying starts.  (Of course, her ugly-crying is still way cuter than my pretty-crying, so I don’t really have room to talk.)  She mentions – between sobs – that “I never held anything back…” Maybe that’s the problem, babe.  But hey, good thing Tanner gave you tissues, right?

So back at the mansion, Kaitlyn is breathing into a paper bag (not really) trying not to pass out from excitement over being the Bachelorette and calling her mom (yes, really) to share the good news.  She seems surprised that she still has to do the rose ceremony and send some of the bros packing.

Do you not understand the duties of your revered position as America’s Bachelorette???

But whatever, she finally starts to pick up on it and heads inside to see the guys and announce the whole deal with how she’s staying and Britt is gone.

Pre-rose ceremony mingling:

Joshua and his welded rose  are pretty damn precious.  All that “heat and friction” paid off, I guess.  Except for that Kaitlyn didn’t give him a first impression rose, so it wasn’t an even trade.  But he didn’t seem to care, so I don’t know.  Maybe they do things differently out in Kentucky.

Tony seems upset by the fact that Kaitlyn is staying instead of Britt.  He says he is “…almost ready to go home and just dig my own well.”

Pardon me, but what the hell?  When I get frustrated, I don’t think, “Well dang, I’ve had it up to here. I’m fixin’ to go home and build a shed/plow a field/shear some goats/ or do some other random homestead chore.”


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Full Body TRX Workout

If you’ve ever tried training with a TRX or another type of suspension system, you probably fell in love with it.  It’s a little different from traditional strength training, but change is good (or so I hear) and working out with a TRX system is kind of a spicy hybrid between lifting and bodyweight workouts.  Utilizing suspension training can be a great way to give your body a break from heavier weightlifting while still getting in a solid strength workout.

And that’s exactly what I was doing when I threw together this full-body strength blast.  For me, this was more of a strength workout than the last TRX workout I shared, and I actually woke up a little bit sore the next day! It should take about 45-60 minutes to complete, depending on your cadence with the reps and how quickly you’re moving from one exercise to another…as well as the number of water breaks you take (if you’re like me and working out in your garage on a hot May afternoon, please be smart and drink plenty of water!).

Have fun with it and let me know what you think!

Full Body TRX Workout

You can check out this post for most of the TRX exercise demos, and these videos for a couple that aren’t included in that link:

As always, if you enjoy this workout, I’d love for you to share it and pass it along to your friends!

Do you ever train with TRX? 

What are you favorite exercises to use with suspension training?

Bachelorette 2015: Premiere, Part I

Well, last night was more than a little nuts, don’t yall agree?

bachelorette-premiere group shot cocktail party

Let’s take it from the top…

First of all, interesting that Chris Harrison has upped his game from saying each episode is the “most unexpected” and “craziest ever.” Nope, tonight isn’t just cray cray…it’s “HISTORIC.”  Buckle up, kiddos.  Fit is going to hit the freaking shan.

The mini introduction to the girls was especially interesting for me since I hardly kept up with last season.  With Kaitlyn’s penchant for inappropriate one-liners and Britt’s tendency to sob/not shower, it’s probably pretty obvious who I was rooting for.  I like dirty jokes, not dirty bodies.  #TeamHygieneAndHilarity

Then we got to meet the guys. There are definitely some characters here this season.  Some standouts:

Joe from Kentucky – I’ll be straight up, when he opened his mouth and that little accent poured out, I more or less melted. Just keep talking, dude. Just…keep…talking…

Not so much melting when Josh called his work as a male stripper “the best job on earth.” Clearly he’s got a solid set of abs priorities.  He mentions it’s “one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt before.” Well, yeah, buddy, but you’ve known that since you were 14 and learned how to lock your bedroom door.


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Embarrassing Confession and a Year’s Worth of Lessons [VLOG]

Well, in light of The Bachelorette premiering tonight [insert happy dance here], I figured I may as well share a little embarrassing story from my own dating life.

Except this story is not about one date, it’s about one year.

A whole year.

Nope, not a secret lover. That would be exciting, though, would it not? No roses, limos, skydiving, or Chris Harrison cameos, either.

The time has come to ‘fess up, and what better way to start incorporating regular vlogs that with something as awkward as this:

Please, do me a solid and share your embarrassing online dating stories! I know I can’t be the only one…and if you’re wondering about the shenanigans I got into on Tinder, read the whole sordid Tinderella not-so-fairytale here.

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PS…if you’re going to be watching The Bachelorette tonight, be sure to get decked out in your #StagSwag and tag me and @letsgostag!  Be sure to get on twitter and let me know what you think of tonight’s shenanigans! [@maggiegetsreal]

The Secret Behind Gluten-Free Success [VLOG]

Got a vlog coming at yall today.  Topic du juor? Gluten free diets.

Now, I used to be the person who scoffed at gluten free diets as merely a trend.  Then I tried eliminating gluten from my diet to help with some health issues [extreme pain and bloating after eating, nagging fatigue, chronic stomachaches, etc.].

Well wouldn’t you know, I felt 100x better.  Was able to eat meals without looking like I was 6 months pregnant, which was a nice change of pace.  And for that reason, I’m pretty happy to keep gluten out of my diet for now.

But I’m still a skeptic, and the research is anything but conclusive, so I’m far from convinced that a gluten-free diet is a permanent solution [at least in my case]. Here’s why:

If you’re interested in reading more, I’d suggest the following articles and the studies they reference.  [Always look at the studies. That’s where the results are, everything else is somebody’s interpretation.  “Somebody” may be correct, but they very well may be completely wrong.  So always look at the studies.]

Is Gluten Sensitivity Real? {Chris Kresser}

A Balanced Look at Gluten Sensitivity {Science-Based Medicine}

Gluten Sensitivity That Isn’t Celiac {Medical Daily}

Gluten Intolerance May Not Exist {Forbes}

If you’re interested in gut health and good digestion, you might also like this post: Resistant Starch – The New Superfood?

Bachelorette 2015: Pre-Gaming

Am I the only one with an official countdown going for The Bachelorette premier?

The bachelors’ profiles debuted on ABC’s page this week, which means we’re pretty much obligated to pregame for the upcoming season by evaluating the players contestants [many of whom may be players; time shall tell.]

To be clear, by “pregame,” I mean that we’ll grab ourselves some wine [Trader Joe’s $4 tempranillo always comes through in the clutch], put on our stretchy pants, and discuss the crazy cats who signed up to sail with Chris Harrison’s pirate ship.

Which is a pirate ship of looove, you know.

And not the floating bro-brothel it totally sounds like.

Although “the bro-brothel” has a catchy ring to it, don’t yall think? [Hey, Chris…what do you say to a spin-off?]

Moving on…let’s get to the goods.  I mean, good stuff.  What?

** Disclaimer: I may or may not have gotten giddy watching highlights from last season and the previews for this season.  So I’m definitely not officially suggesting yall go spend an hour watching clips on  But if you do decide to do that, I would probably join you on the couch with popcorn.  Just sayin’…**

Ben H is a software salesman from Denver whose biggest dating fear is flatulence and who wants his first date to be “hiking back to a quiet place in the woods where we can be alone.”  Translation: “Let’s go somewhere no one can hear your cries for help.” [Still unclear whether his date would be crying for help because he’s trying to murder her or because he needs Gas-X or both…]

Ben Z is a fitness coach and lives 2 hours from me.

ben z bachelorette

I have one word: DIBS?

Bradley says he would choose Tom Brady if he could choose to spend the day in the life of anyone else.  Why?  So he could “play an NFL game…get a taste of primetime football…then go home to Giselle.”  I don’t know, brah, but I think things could get tricky with the whole suspension deal.  I guess you’ll let us know?

Brady is an indie musician from Nashville with a serious fear of “explosive diarrhea.” His most outrageous accomplishment was when he “Hit a grand slam in the 9th inning with two outs against Wichita State in the 2004 Collegiate Regional Championships when I was playing with the Arkansas Razorbacks.”  Not sure where we go from here, bud.

Chris is a dentist, which is obvious from looking at his teeth.  He’s from my hometown, which earns him points, but is terrified of going on a date where “the girl tries to eat my food.”

Chris dentist bachelorette

Sorry dude – mama can put away some grub.  If you can’t keep up, move along.

Clint reminds me of Buck, the golden retriever my family had when I was in high school – cute, earnest, good-hearted, and blonde.  He’s a smart one [engineer] and likes Chuck Norris.  How can we not root for him?

Corey’s first date fear is my absolute spit-wine-out-on-the-computer-monitor favorite: “Finding out my date’s really a dude.”

corey scared of dudes

Something tells me that one may come from personal experience.

Cory has tattoos that he assures us are small [5 discreet tramp stamps are much better than one big one, right?].  The investment banker from NYC describes the Dalai Lama as “one enlightened cat.”

Daniel is a fashion designer from Nashville [represent!] who would love to be the Prince of Monaco for a day “because he has a baller life.” And with that, both of us are confused.

David, the adorable Florida real estate agent, is scared that he might be on a date when he runs into an ex and has to do damage control.

david bachelorette

Just how many exes do you have to have for that to be a legitimate fear?

Ian is a beautiful man, but can’t stand being on a date with “someone that can’t hold a conversation.”  Sadly, this probably eliminates yours truly, as I’m the current title-holder for “Most Socially Awkward Human Alive.”  Our love would have been beautiful, Ian.  Silent, but beautiful.  

Jared is another dibs-worthy bachelor.  He lists the old-school Superman movie among his favorites, volunteers at a summer camp for pediatric cancer patients, and sees marriage as “sharing my life with the person I love most until the day I die.”

jared bachelorette

My eyes aren’t leaking at all from such a raw human sentiment.  Dry as California in this drought I tell you.  No emotional leakage whatsoever.

JJ is a 32 year-old “former investment banker.”  This prompts the natural follow up – what is your current occupation, bro? But, you know, he likes Lou Gehrig, Rocky, and the 1920s, so we can probably still be friends.

Joe must be my spirit animal, since his favorite movies are The Blind Side [first movie that ever made me cry] and American Sniper [do I really need to explain this one?].  Unfortunately, he’s scared of awkward silence on first dates…although my sweet spot is usually somewhere between “awkward silence” and “normal conversation.”  Bringing up politics and asking about venereal diseases on the first date is more my style.

Johnathan is deathly afraid of women with bad breath, and he does his best “to always listen and attend to a woman’s needs.  Not just in the bedroom…” Good to know, because my primary concern was his sexual prowess. On the other hand, he likes Sam Smith…We may just be soulmates.

johnathan bachelorette

Me and Sam, that is.  Maybe Johnathan can be the manny for our musically-gifted [from Sam] tribe of badonkadonk-alicious [from me] angel babies [aka Beyonces-in-training]?

Josh, like Johnathan, is scared of women suffering from halitosis.  Unlike Johnathan, he is an exotic dancer. And, you know, also a law student, but no one really cares what you do when you’re not greased up and dripping in body glitter, right?

Joshua is a man’s man – an industrial welder who admires Tom Hanks and loves The Hangover [although I would go so far as to say that anyone who doesn’t like Zac Galifinakis should not be trusted].  He also says his biggest date fear is “my mom walking in holding a kleenex to my nose and ordering me to blow.”  Mommy-issues just got taken to a whole…new…level…

Justin is adorable in the “college football player who volunteers at the soup kitchen and helps old ladies cross the street” kind of way.  I dig it.

Justin bachelorette

And when he asked who he’d like to be for a day, he responded: “Someone from a less-privileged area or country.  It would be an eye-opening/humbling experience.” Can’t tell if I’m more moved by the self-actualized philanthropy or mutual love for hyphens/slashes/over-punctualization.

Kupah uses far too many capital letters, but that flaw is balanced out by that fact that he admires his mother for being a “single parent, lack of resources and education, and she raised two awesome, law-abiding citizens.” And he likes Mark Wahlberg, so that’s obviously a huge plus.

Ryan B co-opted his hairstyle from One Direction.  Just need to get that out of the way first.

ryan b bachelorette

On the bright side, he’s apparently more athletic than the stereotypical boy-band-manchild.  He says he once rode his bike from FL to CA for a dog rescue.  The best part of that is picturing the ride back with the dog in the front of the basket, in earthbound-homage to the iconic scene from E.T.

Ryan M is a “junkyard specialist.” That’s his official occupation, folks. Is that politically-correct code for “garbage man,” or do they really have specialists at the junkyard? Has anyone ever actually been to a junkyard? Do they even exist? What if it’s all a big conspiracy?? [But he loves Wolverine, so we may end up being BFFs. Time will tell…]

Shawn B is a personal trainer from back east who bought and renovated an 1888 farm house with his father, which basically makes him Noah from The Notebook.  I hate that movie, but I’m also female, so I have a solid appreciation for Ryan Gosling, so that’s pretty good news for Shawn.  Shawn likes Blake Shelton, too, so we can jam out to new country and drink whiskey in our farmhouse. I mean, what? #sorrybrittandkaitlyn

Shawn E is an amateur sex coach from Canada.  His ideal date includes something “exciting” during the day that “requires us to be strong together”  followed eventually by time in “the hot tub or bath together.  [Then] embracing and loving until sunrise.”

Shawn E bachelorette

PS: his favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day and he’s scared that he’ll shart in front of a lady on the first date. Would any of my single lady-readers like me to hook it up?



Tanner  is refreshingly normal, handsome without looking like he belongs in a boy-band or Chippendale’s show, and isn’t worried about bodily [mal]functions on dates.

tanner bachelorette

He appreciates a woman who “makes eye contact and holds conversation” and doesn’t get schnockered when he takes her out.  And he admits that auditioning for The Bachelorette is one of the craziest things he’s ever done.  Boy-next-door meet fangirl-from-internet.

Tony is a 35 year-old man from St. Lois who lists his occupation as “healer.”  Not even on my crunchiest, most granola-y of days could I imagine what that means.  Maybe he and Shawn E. work together?  Maybe he’s the village shaman for his apartment complex? Maybe he grows and sells “medicinal” herbs? I’m betting he won’t be around long enough for us to find out.


Moral of the story?

Yall don’t want to miss out on this season!

I’ll be blogging about all the shenanigans over at, so be sure to follow along for updates.

And if you don’t have your Monday night uniform yet, go get yourself some #StagSwag and suit up!

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A Workout For When You’d Rather Watch TV

We’ve all had those days, right? Where you just absolutely do not want to get off the couch?  Or when you’re massively crunched for time and have to choose between catching the latest episode of New Girl [ or The Bachelorette….hint hint!] or working out?

Kind of a terrible feeling, right?

Been there, done that…and I’ve got your back with this fun workout that you can do right in front of the TV.

Sure, you could take this to the gym/backyard/park/back alley [don’t really recommend that one, but mama ain’t gon’ judge.]…but if you feel like multitasking and getting in a quick workout and some entertainment, too, this is perfect for you.

30 minutes [just enough to keep you busy for one episode!], no equipment needed, and can be done even in the smallest of spaces.

Tell me you’re not tempted.

Yeah.  That’s what I thought.

The only thing left to do is cue up Hulu and set your interval timer.

The I Just Want to Watch TV Workout

Some of those moves might be unfamiliar; if you need a little explanation, check out these video demos:

Let me know how it goes!

[And as always, I’d love for you to pin/share/tweet this if you enjoy it!]


If you like the idea of working out while you watch your favorite TV shows, you might like this post about creative ways to get more movement in your day: 10 Easy Ways To Be More Active.

#Amazing News

Alright, so yall know how I was that super annoying person who hinted at upcoming projects and collaborations and then went, “But I can’t tell you anything more.

Well, the time has come, amigitos.

First off, little update:  I’ve started going by Maggie [my middle name].  Maggie is a lot easier to spell/pronounce, it fits my personality, and…well, I actually love it.  I’ve never liked my first name and had been wanting to switch for quite awhile, for both professional and personal reasons.  Since I’ve got a lot of new projects and professional endeavors coming up, this seemed like the perfect time.

[Speaking which, be on the lookout for for the launch of, my new and improved site coming this summer!]

So with that said…

Hey yall, I’m Maggie.  Nice to re-meet ya.


photocred: Paul [@takeback86]

And now for the big #amazing announcement!

Cue the theme song…

…your resident redneck reality TV blogger is back in business!

I’m so excited to *officially* announce that I’ll be collaborating with Stag, writing as this season’s Bachelorette guest blogger!

Stag is a fabulous little company that sells the most adorable tees and tanks celebrating our not-so-secret infatuation with the Bachelorette/Bachelor franchise.  [Just typed “fanchise” on accident…fan-chise…Freudian slip much?]


n o t m e #obvs // Source: STAG []

You can check out their collection on the Stag website and see for yourself.  Spoiler alert: The tops are all high quality, super soft, and absolutely perfect for your Monday night #BachelorNation uniform. I’ll definitely be wearing my favorite [the boxy tee] when I tune in for the season premiere on May 18th!

Anyway, Jess – the owner of Stag – contacted me a couple months ago to see if I was interested in blogging for Stag for this upcoming season of Bachelorette.

Full disclosure: I did a happy dance/twerk when I read her email. Not even ashamed.

Of course my answer was yes. I am stoked to begin this collaboration and have another chance to unleash my inner snarkasaurus.  I sidelined myself for this past Bachelor season so I could focus more on working out grad school shenanigans and generally sorting through my quarter-life crisis.

[Farmer Chris, let me know how I should repay you for my negligence.  Feel free to be…creative…]

After finally getting to meet Jess in person and hash out the final details, I’m even more excited.  She’s fantastic – the creative sparks were flying! – and Stag has high quality products that are fun, sassy, and unbelievably comfy. 


n o t m e #obvs // Source: STAG []

You might say they’re #amazing. And if you don’t get that Des-reference, you need to catch up on your Bachelorette reading!

Did I mention I’m in love with my boxy tee already? Seriously, I’m never taking it off…ok, maybe for skinny dipping.  Or Farmer Chris.  But that’s it.

So what does this mean for yall?

If you were at all amused by the hijinks and hilarity of the past seasons of Bachelorette/Bachelor blogs, you’d best get your sweet little behind over to the Stag blog on Tuesday mornings!  We’ll relive all the craycray together, along with a whole heap of snark. [You know you love it.]

The shenanigans are going to be absolutely wild this season, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Got it?

Tuesday mornings: you + me + Chris Harrison + Stag.


It’s a date.


photocred: Paul [@takeback86]


PS! To say “thanks for reading and getting weird with me!” I have one more little surprise for yall:
Jess is giving a sweet discount to all the beautiful humans who follow this blog!  Head to the Stag shop and use code  MAGGIE10 at checkout. Yall are #amazing!

Be sure to tag me [@maggiegetsreal] and Stag [@letsgostag] when you’re rocking your #StagSwag as part of your Monday night uniform! You may or may not have a chance of getting featured in an upcoming blog post… ;)

The One For The College Grads…

I’ve seen your posts on instagram –  celebrating your last final exams ever (don’t worry, there’s always grad school), flaunting your cap and gown, and generally getting all hot and bothered about finishing college.

bryce jessup spotting grad 2013You should be proud.  Getting a college degree is quite an accomplishment, and one that has no doubt required some amount of hard work and personal growth both in and out of the classroom.  With any luck you’ve learned a little bit, built at least one friendship that will last longer than your career, and fallen in love – be it with a person, a place, a profession, or all three.

Maybe you’re heading straight into grad school.  In that case, godspeed.  You have my admiration.

But maybe you’re not headed into grad school.  Maybe you’re headed to a strange wilderness called a full-time career…or, for my fellow liberal arts grads, the welfare office.  Either way, for the first time in 17+ years, you are free from the obligations of being a student.  You can carve your way in the world without worrying about textbooks and group projects and dining hall dinners.  The heady realization is enough to make a person hip thrust her way across the graduation stage.

Not that I know from experience or anything.

Whether you embarrass yourself on the jumbotron or not, post-college life feels wonderful.

me and Bails grad 2013

Well, until sometimes it doesn’t.

Life in the post grad world is different from college life, no two ways about it.   You can be simultaneously intoxicated by the freedom and possibilities and also scared straight out of your pants by the realization that you no longer have the scaffolding of formal academia guiding you on your way into Successful Adulthood.

You have the freedom to chase your dreams however you’d like, but what if you don’t make it?  You can no longer count on falling back into the safety net of “next semester” if things don’t go as planned.

You can, however, fall back into the safety net that is your parents’ couch.  Again, not speaking from experience.

Whether you end up in an entry-level position, the welfare office, or your dream job, post-grad life is going to have some surprises.  See, just 24 months ago, I was doing the graduation thing you’re doing right now.  And here I am, two years later, a bit more wise to the world but still charting my course on the seas of adulthood.  The woman writing this today is oceans different from the girl in these photos, and I wish like hell that someone would have told that girl what I’m telling you.

koaling amber grad 2013

It’s going to be hard at times, in ways you never saw coming.

You will question what the hell you are doing with your life.

You will feel strangely old, because you’re done with college, for Pete’s sake.

You will feel uncomfortably young, because you’re the newest kid on the block in your career.

You will start to discover who you are outside of the context of college and academia in general.

You will start seeing yourself as more of a professional and less of a student.

You will watch relationship dynamics shift as you and your peers leave the campus environment and forge your way in the career world.

You will pay your first student loans and it will make you nauseous, but oddly proud at the same time.

You will make mistakes, and you’ll kick yourself for them (and wonder how many more you’re made but just haven’t realized yet).

You will change – for better, and in some ways probably for worse, as well – and you will want more of it.

You will realize how much you learned in your short time on earth so far, and how much you have still to go.

You will surprise yourself. 

Graduating from college is strange.  It’s kind of like birth in that way – a time that is foreign in a wonderful, scary, joyous way.  You wear a special cap and gown (and from a distance, no one can tell you apart from all the other babies graduates), and everyone celebrates.  You get a pat on the backside, your parents are relieved that you finally made it, and everyone wants see you and celebrate.  You spend the day hooting and hollering and drinking out of bottles, and you may or may not be able to remember the day itself apart from the pictures that are taken.

You’ve ventured out from the comfortable confines of college and are in a world that is much harsher but also more exciting.  You have the space to grow and stretch and learn and fall down and get back up and explore and make something of yourself that you haven’t yet imagined.

It might be difficult and messy at first (childbirth, you know), and it might be difficult and messy later (life, you know).  You’ll be terrified at times, and you might have to walk through a few shadowed valleys.

But you’re also going to surprise yourself.

me and Sabs grad 2013

Hold tight to the winged spirit of adventure and joy and confidence that you rode across the stage at graduation.  Remember how far you have come, and keep your sights set on the person you want to become.

Work hard.

Make wise choices with your money.

Take risks, calculated ones.

Pay your loans on time. (Snowball that ish.)

Work hard.

Take care of yourself.

Find things that bring you joy, and make them part of every day.

Set fantastic, monstrous, intimidating goals.

Work hard.

And you know what, college grad?

You’re going to surprise yourself.

10 Easy Ways to Be More Active

Last week we talked about the difference between formal exercise and informal activity.  Whether we engage in formal exercise regularly or not, most of us would benefit from more movement in our days.

horizontal running fat amy pitch perfect

This informal movement and the resulting NEAT – nonexercise activity thermogenesis – has tremendous health benefits, as mentioned last week.  For example (see links for references), more informal activity/NEAT can result in:

  • Improved brain health and maintenance of cognitive function (i.e. staying “sharp” even as you age) [1]
  • Easier maintenance of healthy bodyweight and resistance to fat gain. [2]
  • Improved posture and spinal health. [3]
  • Better insulin sensitivity. [4]
  • More positive sense of wellbeing and better mental health. [5]

The rise of the FitBit and other “activity trackers” has made it easier than ever to measure how much activity you are getting.  You can track the number of steps you’ve taken in a day and convert it to the equivalent distance in miles, which makes for a very tangible picture of your activity for the day.

Did you walk 2 miles today? Maybe walking to/from your car, a few trips through the office halls, and a little tidying up at home.

Or did you walk 8 miles today? Perhaps all of the above, plus walking the dog, walking to a restaurant a few blocks away for lunch, and walking to/from the gym after work.

The concept of “moving more” throughout the day is abstract and nonspecific.  A certain number of steps per day is a tangible goal, but it’s a fairly obscure measurement. (How often do you tell someone the distance from one place to another in steps?)  Miles are concrete and familiar, which means easier to understand and internalize, and therefore more likely to be executed.

But while there may be some clear ways to measure activity, there isn’t always a clear way to fit more activity into your day.  Most of us are busy folks, and trying to squeeze opportunities for NEAT into an already-packed schedule can seem impossible.  In last week’s post, I shared a few ideas for ways to be more active, but I figured this topic deserved it’s own post.

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10 Easy Ways to Be More Activ

I’d love to hear your suggestions for how to squeeze in extra activity in the comments below!