Benefits of Being a Gym Employee

Hi, my name is George, and I am a commitment-phobe.

(Ok, I lied, my name is not George.)


For as long as I can remember, I have royally sucked at commitment.  We’re talking the 10-minute-decision-process-at-31-Flavors and returns-70%-of-the-clothes-she-buys and dumped-her-first-“boyfriend”-after-5-days (yes, seriously…sorry Josh) kind of commitment issues.  I mean, sure, there are some things I commit to without blinking (the important things), but I tend to spend quite a bit of time wondering “what if” and trying to decide which side has greener grass.

One thing I have managed to stick with is my job at a local gym.  I’m now one of the salty old broads slightly more “seasoned” employees on our team at nine months going strong.  If the human gestation period doesn’t signify commitment, I don’t know what does.

Though it hasn’t always been pretty- like the time my water bottle spilled all over our main computer (again, yes, seriously…sorry Kyle)- it has been by far the most fun hourly job that I’ve had.  People often tell me, “Oh, it must be so nice to have free gym access!” but I love working at my gym for so much more than that.

Benefits of Being a Gym Employee

  • Free membership. (It’s true, it is a really nice facility.  And it is really free.)
  • Access to trainers.  We don’t get free personal training, of course, but it’s great having friends at work who are also fitness nerds and can correct your form, show you new moves, etc.
  • Getting to know everyone in town (and I’m not from a very small town).  I’m sitting in a small coffee shop and there are two families here who are also members of the gym.  [10 minutes later…make that three families.]
  • You get to are required to wear shorts and tennis shoes to work.
  • You get to wear nail polish, perfume, and lotion to work without violating health codes.
  • Working out with co-workers.  It was weird for the first five months at first, especially since I’m not one of those girls who rolls themselves in unicorn dust so they have the magical power to look good working out.  But now I’m over it, and my friends from work see me sweaty and in spandex more often than they seem me in uniform. It’s a bonding experience, really.
  • You are actually required say hello and be extra friendly to all the attractive men that go to the gym. (Ok, this applies to the regular Joe’s, too.  And it’s really only while you’re on the clock.  But trust me, when mama’s off, she be spittin’ game.)
  • You can shower at work.  That still seems cool to me.
  • You can have nights and weekends free.  That will never ever happen when you work in food service…which I did.  Many times.
  • Making friends with gym members…because it means I can almost always find a spotter.
  • Working with a bunch of guys.  (Don’t get me wrong, we have a bunch of great ladies where I work, which is impressive in a male-dominated industry.) As much as I enjoy girl talk, it’s also really nice to hang out with the guys and geek out over lifting and protein and max bench weights and the merits of foam rolling.  It never hurts when they give me guy advice…and I don’t mind listening to all their girl problems and playing matchmaker when I can.
  • You hear some of the best/weirdest/funniest pickup lines.  Like the time I was asked to model for an “art class project.”  Eventually you learn to laugh it off (or carry pepper spray).
  • Did I mention free membership?
  • It’s just fun.  You’re in an upbeat atmosphere, surrounded by friendly people, with hot men sweating all around you, and hilarious co-workers helping you out.


It’s ok if you’re jealous.  If you see me at the gym, say hey and feel free to ask me for a spot.


Just don’t ask me to model for you.


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