The Broad is Back!

Well I kind of fell of the face of the earth for a while, huh?

That is, if you consider “the earth” to be this blog, which I hope no one does, because Lord knows even I’m not that self-absorbed.  Even though- let’s be honest- I’m human and I openly admit to being somewhat vain.  (And yet here I sit typing away wearing an oversized sweatshirt and $6 gym shorts. Just call me “Enigma.”)


At any rate, hello (again).

If you noticed that this bad boy was set to private for a few weeks there, it’s because I had applied for a full-time position at a nearby church and realized that some of the topics, themes, and diction-choices used herein may not make the most favorable impression on the sensibilities of the church folk who’d be doing my background check making hiring decisions.  But I ended up turning that job down, so ain’t no thang.  Then I was busy all the time for about a month with a couple of big things like, you know, looking for a new house to rent with one of my great friends…and going to job interviews…and studying to become a certified personal trainer.  All of which meant that blogging was on the backburner, since writing doesn’t pay the bills (yet!!).


This was my life during August. And part of July and September. I’m all about that party animal life.

But we found a house, I got the job, and I passed my test (on Friday the 13th, no less), so guess what, yall?

This salty dame is back in business!


And now that I have time to write again, there’s so much to catch up on, both good and bad.


For starters, Hurricane Miley happened.   FEMA is still taking donations to cover the cost of psychotherapy for everyone who witnessed that.  (To be discussed in the near future…)


More and more people are going batshit. Syria. DC. It’s crazy-making and heartbreaking all at once.


Did I mention that I found a house?

And became a certified personal trainer?

And that’s both exciting and terrifying?


Bottom line: I just want to make sure yall know that I’m alive and writing, and that new and exciting (or at least mostly-grammatically-correct) posts are coming your way. Like tomorrow. So come back.


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