Morning People: #TestingPositive Day 6

Morning people.
Either you are one, or your hate them.  There’s not much in-between.

Really, this should be a part of all premarital counseling, because God help the morning person who marries a night owl…You will hate each other for half of all your waking hours.

I, for one, am a morning person.  Always have been.

sunrise (3)

Maybe it’s because I associate the early morning with childhood vacations, waking up hours before sunrise to pack the car and hit the road, or waking up at dawn in a Coleman tent with only my (frozen) nose peeking out of my sleeping bag.  Those mornings were the start of adventures, adventures that led to some of my most treasured memories.

Maybe it’s because those precious pre-dawn hours are so still and quiet and at the same time overflowing with life and possibility.  For an introvert like myself, that kind of environment feels like heaven.

Maybe it’s because there is nothing quite like the smell of the morning, where the mix of coffee,  cigarettes, and exhaust fumes combine with the cold air, and even though it shouldn’t, the smell intoxicates you.

Maybe it’s all of that, or maybe it’s something else.
Whatever it may be, I love mornings.

That doesn’t mean I enjoy getting up early every day.  Some days I’m exhausted, and God help the poor people at the gym who see me come in at 5am with no makeup.  Some days, I get out of bed, shut off my alarm, and then turn around and let my face fall back into my pillow for another 15 minutes of half-sleeping with my feet still on the ground.  Once in awhile I sleep in until 7am, which is a strange and refreshing experience.

sunrise (1)

But every day- every single day- that I hear that I hear that familiar beeping of my alarm clock, I know I am blessed.

Morning means I have the opportunity to get out of bed and live life the way I was intended to, to do great things, to explore the world and embark on adventures I may not have even yet imagined.  For whatever may have happened the day before, whatever I may have done or failed to do, however I may have failed or succeeded, this morning begins an opportunity to do differently, do better, do right.

Mornings mean second chances.

I don’t know about you, but sinners like me? Well, we need a lot of second chances.

sunrise (2)

“Morning by morning, new mercies I see…great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.”

– refrain, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”


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