Week One Reflections #TestingPositive Day 8

It’s been a week now since I decided to dedicate 30 days to changing my outlook and my attitude to be more joyful.  On the one hand, it has been easy to find things to be joyful about, because I am blessed beyond measure.  Seeking out and celebrating the positive (like Tchaikovsky, chest hair, and hard workouts) has definitely been exciting as it reminds me of all the reasons I have to be grateful (reasons that are often ignored in favor of the tediousness and busyness of everyday life).  On the other hand, though, it’s is extremely difficult to break the habit of sharing every snarky witticism that comes to mind, needlessly correcting people (especially my family), and criticizing myself relentlessly.  Those neural pathways seem to be pretty effectively hardwired into my brain…and, well, it seems that the things worth doing are often the most difficult.

If anything, this first week of #TestingPositive has left me even more convicted that I need to change my outlook and my thoughts so that my life is reflective of Christ and His joy.  I’m already impressed by the difference I’ve seen in my attitude and my relationships just after seven days of concentrated effort to be more positive, and I can’t wait to see how much a difference is visible after 30 days, three months, a year.

I know today’s that day of the week everyone loves to hate, so if you’ve got a case of the Monday blues, I’d encourage you to seek out the circumstances that are going right, the things you and others are doing well, and the reasons you do have to celebrate.

Like, you know, having the day off of work (I hope!) in celebration of a certain Mr. Columbus’ discovery of the ‘Muricas.


Whatever blessings you choose to focus on, please celebrate the heck out of them, in whatever (semi-responsible) manner you wish.

Le chaim!

*And/or Leif Erikson’s discovery of the Americas, depending on who your sources are…



One thought on “Week One Reflections #TestingPositive Day 8

  1. Go Leif! Go Vikings! But who said no one ever remembers who came in second place? If it were not for that we would not have Columbus Day.

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