Little Things: #TestingPositive Day 10

There are so many reasons I have to rejoice.

The love of God is so wide, so long, so high, and so deep that it is beyond our finite comprehension.  It can be overwhelming to think about- as it should be- and it would be impossible to fully explain the countless implications of such love and mercy and truth as we have in Jesus.

That’s why, sometimes, we need to take time to remember the little things, like the genuine smile from a stranger or the breeze on your back, because each of those small joys is a tiny, tangible reminder of God’s grace, presented in a way that fills our senses to their earthly limit.  The little things may be little, but they are hushed whispers of a love that roars through the halls of eternity…and as such, deserve our notice.

little things

So look for the little things, yall, and look for opportunities to bring little joys to those around you.  Hold the door, share a smile, offer a compliment, pay their tab, let them cut in, listen to a story, give a firm handshake, thank someone sincerely.  Look for the little things, find them, give them, celebrate them, and above all, let them remind you of the big things, the Good News, the King of Kings.


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