Gratitude and Baked Goods #TestingPositive Day 17

A lot of times, a positive attitude starts with gratitude.  When we are focused on the blessings of what we do have and what is good, it’s easier to lean more towards being positive than being cynical.

Fostering an “attitude of gratitude” is wonderful, and keeping a gratitude list is something that I know many people find beneficial emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  It doesn’t stop there though.  Gratitude is most powerful when it is turned into action.

“Faith without works is dead” (James 2:20…also, James 2:14-26), and it is the same for gratitude.

In the most profound sense of it all, it means our gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice is worthless if it does not inspire a life lived in, for, and according to Him.

In a less-profound-more-everyday sense, it means smiling and saying thank you when a guy holds the door open for you, writing a note to people who’ve inspired you, spending time with those people you say you’re thankful for, getting on your knees and thanking God for all of it.

And sometimes, it means baking a boatload of “gratitude goodies” (otherwise known as “cookies and cinnamon rolls”) and writing a few thank-you notes for the firemen in your town.

cinnamon rolls IG (1)

Firemen are one of those groups of people (along with policemen, servicemen, garbage men, paramedics, priests, nuns, teachers….I’ll stop there) who contribute immensely to the wellbeing of our community, but are often taken for granted and rarely given a proper thanks.

It’s not much, just some dough and some butter and some sugar-and-spice…But food is a love language and this is a token of gratitude.

cinnamon rolls IG (2)

To the firemen (and firewomen) everywhere: For all the times I hear sirens screaming while I lie in bed, for all the times I see the remnants of a wreck on the road, for all the times I see the lights flashing and smell smoke rising, thank you.   You run in when other’s run out, putting your lives on the line so that others can live.  That’s incredible, and we thank you.

(And to the firemen in my town…I hope you like cinnamon rolls.)

cinnamon rolls IG (5)

PS…As the man-eater single young female that I am, I want to clarify that this fireman-filled adventure was not an attempt to “get wifed.”  The firemen I met today while “delivering the goods” were all middle-aged father-looking figures, and no, Mom, I did not flirt with them.


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