The Curious Case of the Kangaroo Pants #TestingPositive Day 18

Clearly, being overly-critical is a bad thing.  No matter who it’s directed at, overly-harsh criticism is destructive.

But we’ve already been there, done that, and I’d rather not beat a dead horse.

There’s a middle ground somewhere that we should all be aiming for.  It’s not self-bullying, and it’s not self-idolizing.  It’s a lot of things that I’m still figuring out, but I know for sure that it includes being able to laugh at ourselves.

I’m pretty good at that.  (Which is handy, since I’m an incredible klutz…If I weren’t able to laugh at myself, I’d be spending most of my days sobbing in the fetal position.)

Today, I’m letting yall laugh at me, too.  Sharing the positivity, if you will.

I tried to pull off the “high-waisted pants with a shirt tucked in” look.

It did not work.

kangaroo pants (2)

It just made me look like a kangaroo.

kangaroo pants (1)

…As you can see.

But like the men of The Bachelorette, I’m a survivor, so I sucked it up and wore the pants as best I could (while delivering baked goods to firemen, no less), and used it as an excuse to hop everywhere instead of walking.

I would have tried to stash some snacks in my faux-‘roo-pouch, but there wasn’t actually a pocket there.  Just a space between my secondhand-store pants that are a bit too big and my abs of steel (really, more like a down-comforter, but let’s not argue semantics…).  I just didn’t want to risk snacks falling into my underwear…that’s never a good scenario.


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