What I Love About Sunday

I love my job, but transitioning from the “funemployed” lifestyle to the 8-5 working girl gig (complete with rush hour and a hefty commute) is not as easy as I’d thought.  All those little parts of day-to-day life that we do without giving much thought to it – cooking, cleaning, running errands, responding to personal emails, working out – somehow take a heck of a lot more time to get done when you spend 9+ hours of your day at work…and I’m only part-time right now.  So right now I have a lot less time to do “everything  else,” and since I’d rather not be obese or live in squalor, I’ve prioritized working out, cooking, and chores over writing.

I know, I’ve disappointed my fans.  (Or the two people who read this blog…one of whom I am holding out hope is Chris Harrison himself.  Do you hear me, ABC producers???)

…which is why I’m writing today, to give you a little update on things. I’m still doing my best to think, speak, and act positively.  Oddly enough (or perhaps not odd at all), I’ve found myself to be generally less cynical and slower to criticize.  Although my family will assure you that I can still be as cantankerous as ever upon provocation.  But most of the time, I can see that this positivity project was worthwhile and productive….even if I’m not writing about it every single day.

On that note, here are some of the things I love about Sundays, and particularly this one, which I appreciate so much more now that I’m employed:

  • Trader Joe’s is crowded.  Yeah, you heard me.  Getting your groceries without being trampled or shoved into a case of organic pasture-raised goat cheese is an adrenaline rush like no other.
  • Breakfast can be eaten sitting down at a table, rather than in my car, at my desk, or in between drying my hair and packing my lunch.
  • Sleep.  In quantities averaging nine hours.  I’m all about that business.
  • I can walk around with a book in hand all day long, which I haven’t done since I was probably 13.  I even tried to read while I was cleaning yesterday – and let me tell you, scrubbing sinks with one hand while holding a book in the other is not as easy as it seems.
  • High heels are not worn all the dang weekend.  Hallelujah!
  • Real pants are optional, yoga pants are highly encouraged, and pantless-ness is not promoted, but it isn’t outlawed, either.  I can let out my inner Person of Walmart.
  • Christmas music can be playing all day long, and I can sing at the top of my lungs without disrupting the whole office.
  • Coffee can be brewed and drank all the livelong day.  And it can be sipped from the comfort of my couch while Duck Dynasty plays on my parent’s TV.
  • Time to create.  I may not be terribly artistic, but there’s something about having the freedom of time in which to let your creative impulses lead you.
  • And, you know, I get to hang out with the circus my family and mis amigos, and they’re kind of nice.  Well, they put up with me, at least.  It’s a lovely balance.

Happy Sabbath, yall.


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