What the Fox?

For the past month, I’ve been hearing scattered references to “the fox song” and jokes about “what does the fox say?”  I knew it all was related to some fox-themed music video, which had gone viral and had a reputation for being quirky, asinine, and amusing all in one.  This little ditty was also (supposedly) incredibly catchy and impossible to get out of your head after hearing.  So naturally I avoided it, thinking that I have better things to do with my free time; things such as alternating between reading FoxNews and catching up on The Mindy Project.

Until today, when my 10-year old sister conned me into watching it.


I should preface my commentary with this: It’s really something you have to experience firsthand in order to appreciate it.

There are so many things that can be said about this.

My initial reaction was simply, “What the  hell?

Which, you know, is a pretty reasonable reaction given the foreign men wearing full-on animal costumes while they dance in the woods at night with strobe lights flashing.  Not exactly something you’d think to find in a music video.  But at least they didn’t have twerking teddy bears as their back-up dancers?  (Although I did have to question the costume choice for the back-up dancers here…they seemed to be going for a hybrid cater-waiter/children’s-birthday-party-performer look.)


Also, the old bearded man sitting in a rocking chair with a little boy and reading to him? As he intermittently bursts out in hyena-like (or rather, fox-like?) cackling? So beyond mother-lovin’ creepy I can’t even handle it.  What is this? Some kind of Pentacostal bedtime ritual that involves children’s stories and speaking in tongues?  Freaking Norweigans.


Speaking of which, let’s talk about the whole Norway thing.  To be clear, I’m a big fan of Norweigans.  Partly because I’ve got some Norweigan in me from my dad’s side, and also because they have fjords and Norse mythology and Vikings (which are basically Scandinavian cowboys, hallelujah and amen)…not to mention curling, or the fact that their national curling team rocks the argyle look and rocks it hard.


So yeah, I’m a fan of the motherland.  Even with the argyle curling pants.  But how did we go from Leif Erikson discovering new worlds (sorry, Columbus) and dispensing general badassery to this duo of Norwegian brothers (who apparently have a history of cabaret) impersonating dancing animals and singing nonsensical lyrics?   This isn’t The Crucible, guys, and you sure as hell ain’t Winona Ryder…so why are you dancing and howling in the woods??


Because I may not know exactly what noise a fox makes, but I know it’s not that.

(Actually, I kind of do know.  In some cases, foxes don’t make any noise.  Because they have been turned into fur coats.  It’s a noble form of service.)


Overall, it was a surprising, confusing, and amusing experience.  Kind of like a blind date that’s so bad it’s good, because you can’t wait to tell your friends about it.  Except in this case, your date is two Norwegian men dressed as forest animals and dancing in the aforementioned forest.   It definitely was not as catchy as I had heard it would be, but that might just be because I’m a curmudgeon and/or I already have Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” playing on repeat in my head all day. (No shame.)


If you are looking for three minutes and 45 second-long experience that combines the highlights of Norweigan pop culture, recreational drug usage, and a charismatic church service, it’s certainly worth watching.  And if for nothing else, at least you’ll stay culturally relevant.


And lastly, I am disappointed with myself for not watching this earlier, because I would have dressed as a fox for Halloween.  Not that I actually did anything for Halloween this year (besides spend the evening reading on the couch wearing sweatpants and no bra, and begrudgingly handing out candy to the four children who came by trick-or-treating), but if I’d had such a cheeky and culturally-relevant costume to wear, I would have found a celebratory soiree at which to flaunt it.


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