Reflecting on Positivity

Once upon a time…

A grumpy little blogger decided to challenge herself to 30 days of replacing negative thoughts and comments with positive perspectives/speech/etc.  And then about two weeks in, that (now not-so-grumpy) blogger got a job and got busy and stopped telling the internet world about how much better life is with a bit less snark and a bit more positivity.

Well, it turns out she didn’t actually give up on that challenge she’d set for herself.  She just stopped telling the world about all of it.  Which isn’t actually a bad thing, since she had a habit of going on about things, anyway.

So as it turns out, she learned a lot in those 30 days of focused positivity.

Things changed for the better (especially her attitude and relationships) and she discovered that life was just as funny and even more enjoyable when she put her efforts towards looking the good in it rather than pointing out the unpleasant.

She started worrying less and smiling more.

She learned to let go of the negative things that lie entirely outside of her control.

She realized that being analytical is much more effective than being cynical.

She found that she was more adventurous, more creative, and more compassionate.

She explored life from a new angle, and she liked what she saw.

She remembered that she was blessed far, far, far more that she deserved or imagined.

She concluded that if 30 days was this good, a lifetime might be even better…

So that little blogger is living happily happier ever after.


And this is only the beginning…


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