Got Change?

Change is in the air, my friends.

As you can see, I’ve changed my blog design and my blog title.    When I started this blog as “That’s What Domi Said” (a play on “that’s what she said!” and a clear showcase of  my sophomoric sense of humor), I expected it to be little more than a source of humorous anecdotes and cultural commentary.  Keep in mind that I started this blog approximately 2 weeks after my college graduation ceremony, during which I made the sober-but-still-regrettable decision to do a few very dramatic hip thrusts (complete with enthusiastic arm pumping and cheeky smile at the audience) before walking across the stage.  At the time, I was still pleased by the fact that those particular shenanigans had been broadcast on the jumbo-tron screens for all the sweet Baptist grandmas and homeschooling families to see.  Since I had just finished my B.A. in English and was “still looking for jobs” (translation: unemployed and leaving a mighty big butt-imprint on my parents’ couch), I figured I may as well use those writing skills by blogging.  It wouldn’t be a source of income, but it would keep me writing and people laughing.

Somewhere between then and now, I had my Murtaugh moment and realized that I’m too old for this…stuff.

And that changed things, including my writing.  Blogging for kicks and giggles was all well and good, but as the months went by, I wanted to do more with blogging.  After all, my goal is to eventually make a living writing (it’s in my 10-year-plan and everything!), and I take that seriously.  I wasn’t satisfied writing only with the purpose of commenting on Juan Pablo’s genetic potential (very high) and the enigma that is Norwegian pop-culture.  There were other topics calling to be written as well, topics that were not quite as funny but a considerably more important.  And as I started writing about things I’m truly passionate about –  like fitness-related topics, theological musings, and reflections on positive thinking – I finally figured out which direction I want to take my blog.  I want to write about health, the kind of health that truly encompasses all areas of life – nutrition, fitness, psychology, lifestyle, and faith.   With a newly solidified purpose for my blog, I needed a new title to reflect that.

So welcome (back), yall, to Eat, Pray, Lift, as this little corner of the great wide internet will be known from here on out.  For more on my philosophy and what to expect going forward, go peep my new “About” page.”

I should warn you: I’m still that same salty old dame I’ve been all along.  That ain’t going to change anytime soon, and probably not ever. Along with all the health-related things I’ll be posting, there will still be plenty of hijinks and hilarity.  After all, laughter is necessary for good health.  Seriously.

(Besides, Juan-uary is coming up soon.  Yall know mama can’t miss that.)

As always, thank yall so much for reading (and sharing, commenting, and following!), and I hope you’ll hang in there with me as I start exploring more of what it means to thrive!  If you have topics you’d like to read about or any kind of blog-related suggestions or questions, please get in touch (via the comments section, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email – eatprayliftblog[at]  I love hearing from yall!


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