Bromantic Reunion II

When we left off yesterday, we were catching up with some of the bachelors from Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette.  There are a few guys I didn’t get to, and since all of them are probably still reeling from being rejected by the “amaaasthing” Des, I just don’t have the heart to leave them out.


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Pour yourself a drink, sit back, and let’s get reaccquainted, alright?

Starting with…

Drew Kenney
[also, “The One Whose Love for Des Was Just Really Strong and Borderline Scary” and “The Man Model With Perfectly Glowy Skin”]

Drew has unfortunately been regressing to a more childlike state of mind…

And someone needs to put a stop to it, because it’s getting out of hand:

He’s been given opportunities to show a more “progressive” attitude, but he has been reluctant to take that step:

Although, you know, I can’t blame the guy for trying.  Homeboy is looking pretty spiffy…

At least he’s been reading some quality work?

Mikey Tenerelli

[also “The Lovable Giant Who We All Knew Never Really Had a Shot, Anyway”]

Mikey has been doing some deep personal reflection.

But really…

And he’s promoting healthy psychology and positive attitudes, which I think is fabulous [really!].

But don’t worry, he’s also working on staying “bodacious” with Crossfit!


Michael Garofola

[also, “The Diabetic” and “Ben’s Archnemesis” and “The Winner of Worst-One-On-One-Date-Ever  Award”]

All I really have to say is that I’m surprised he doesn’t mention in his twitter bio that he’s diabetic…you know, since he mentioned it every single chance he got while on The Bachelorette.

Also, he may or may not be suffering from a glandular problem [if that’s sweat] or participating in wet tee-shirt contests [if it’s not].

Chris Seigfried
[also, “The One Who Wanted to Be a Poet” and “The One Who Wrote a Poem for Every Damn Date” and “The One Who Wouldn’t Put His Poems Away” and “The One Who Won”]

Chris has taken up the unique hobby of keeping track of the days of the week…

And, obviously, he’s still enjoying happy codependency:

I assume he’s still writing horrid poetry, but Lord knows that’s not going to fit into 140 characters.

Last but certainly not the least estrogenic:

Desiree “Des” Hartsock
[also “The Most ‘Ahhmaaaasthing’ Bachelorette Ever” and “Budding Poet” and “Stranger to Any Adjective Besides ‘Ahmaaasthing'”]

Homegirl is full of wisdom:

And she’s started getting her priorities straight…

But that doesn’t mean she’s safe. Get to your bunkers, folks…she’s coming for us:

Well, Des, here’s to many happy years of nostril-adjusting bliss for you and your betrothed.
May all your offspring be blessed with perfectly aligned septums.


Someone made a comment to me yesterday about how “eviscerating” my sense of humor can be when it comes to these guys, so I want to make it clear that the things I say are all in good fun.  Sure, the guys say/do ridiculous things on and off-camera…but that’s why we love the show.  I know that they are likely all pretty great people in real life, but it’s fun to poke [good-natured] fun at their “twitter-selves.” [And anyone who’d like is more than welcome to do the same for me!]  In the end, I think most of them might even appreciate the extra publicity.  At least that’s my hope…If any of you Bachelorette-men are reading this [a girl can dream, right?], let me know!


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