The Fellowship of the Rose (Bachelor-meets-Bilbo)

Today I’m testing out a vlog (video blog).  This is partly because I thought it would be more time efficient than writing, and partly because my hair has grown out enough that I can be seen in public without being mistaken for Spock.  In other words, the stars aligned.

This is just a video recap/commentary for last night’s episode of The Bachelor.  It was interesting and humbling to make this…mostly because I’m not used verbalizing my inner monologue.  I had to start over halfway through because my filter stopped working and I wanted to keep this appropriate for mixed company.  (My friends will not be surprised by that…)  I’m not sure if there’s a standard protocol for filming vlogs, but I just went for it, gym clothes and all.   You are welcome to make snap judgments based on that fact alone.

Anyway, let me know what you think!

PS: I had to sit on three pillows and a folded up comforter in order to be tall enough to fit my desktop webcam. #hobbitlife


2 thoughts on “The Fellowship of the Rose (Bachelor-meets-Bilbo)

  1. Enjoyed this! Definitely get more of your personality across via vlog. You are amusing and verbalized your point very well. šŸ‘

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