Time for a Quickie

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been changing up my training some.  A big part of that has been streamlining my workouts – I get in, “git ‘er done,” and get on with my day.  When it comes to conditioning work, I often only have time for a quickie.

Or, more accurately, I don’t want to devote more than 10-20 minutes to it.  Mama’s got priorities, ya dig?

trader joe

…like grocery shopping.

I thought I’d share a couple quick cardio workouts I’ve been using, either as a nice little kickstart to a training session or strung together (with breaks between!) for some good conditioning work.  Of course, strength training can turn into a wee bit of “cardio” too, if you’re hauling that iron fast enough…of course, that’s usually a reference to circuit-style strength training, not stupid stuff like barbell jump squats.  Don’t be an idiot.

Go on, have fun, let me know what you think.  And if yall like these, let me know and I can share workouts more often!

Ladder Drill

This one I got from the lovely Jen Sinkler.
THIS is a link to the video of the workout.
All you need is 10 minutes and an agility ladder (or chalk).
It’s a good one to get your heartrate up quickly and improve your agility.  And it’s just fun.  I feel like I’m at a youth soccer league practice all over again.

Death by Burpees

EMOM, for 10 minutes, do burpees.
Scale the number of burpees to your level.
(I do 8 per minute. Because I have the cardiovascular capacity of someone 2x as heavy and 3x as old as I actually am.)
This is simple:

  • Start a stopwatch.
  • Do 5 or 6 or 8 or 10 or 15 burpees.
  • When you hit your magic number, stop.
  • Recover for the rest of that minute.
  • Every time a new minute starts, do more burpees.

The goal is to have a work:recovery ratio of 1:1 to 1:2.
(That means somewhere from 20 seconds work followed by 40 seconds rest, to 30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds rest.)
You can swap burpees out for any other explosive movement – kettlebell swings, box jumps, squat jumps, tuck jumps, or some combination.  Just scale the number of movements per minute to meet your level of conditioning.   (This should be hard, but not so much that you puke or anything.)

Skipping Rope

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a prizefighter in training, this is your chance.  Alternatively, if you’ve ever wanted to feel like the biggest klutz in your hemisphere, this is your chance.  But really, it’s good to challenge your physical coordination and agility and…stuff.  Plus, it’s a great chance to practice leaving your pride at home!
All you need is a jump rope and a stopwatch/timer.
You’re just going to alternate between skipping rope and 2 or 3 calisthenic movements for 10-15 minutes total.  You can follow this framework:

  • 1 minute skipping rope – hard.
  • 30 seconds bodyweight exercise
  • 30 seconds skipping rope – easy.
  • Repeat until the time runs out (10-15 minutes should be plenty).

1 minute skipping rope – hard. (If you’re already coordinated, challenge yourself.  Go really fast, do double-unders, do high jumps, or mix it up each time.)
30 seconds bodyweight exercise – pushups, chinups, lunges, air squats, crunches, pikes, etc. Stick with one the whole time (if you do that, I’d recommend an upper body movement, since skipping rope will tire your legs), or switch it up each round.
30 seconds skipping rope – easy. This is your recovery time. If skipping rope is challenging for you, try just hopping in place. (No judgment here!)

post workout

This is how you should look. But maybe less weird.

As with any good quickie (workout), you should be sweaty, out of breath, and jazzed on endorphins by the end of these.  I hope you have fun with these little workouts, and then get out of the gym and get on with life!


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