“Eeees [NOT] Ok” [Reflections on The Bachelor]

Remember back in the day – or, like, a month ago – when I would do weekly commentaries on The Bachelor?  Those were some good times.

Actually, as much as I loved writing those posts, they could be really tedious to write.  It meant either watching the episode when it aired and staying up past 9pm (Mama Bear ain’t cut out for that night-owl lifestyle) while frantically taking notes in attempt to capture the most hilarious of my comments…or watching the episode later on Hulu and blogging as I went, pausing every 5 minutes or so to write.  Eventually I realized I could just do live-tweet commentary while watching the episode the night it aired.  So much better (even if it meant restraining my wit to 140-characters).

And then after awhile I started to get distracted by, you know, life…and when I went back to catch up on Televised Herpes-Fest 2014  The Bachelor, it was a lot less entertaining than I remembered.  Or maybe Juan Pablo’s man-whore antics were finally starting to grate on my nerves.  Whatever it was, I took a page out of Idina Menzel’s book and just “let it gooooooooo.”   (An executive decision was made to skip the whole “become an ice-queen-hermit on a snowy mountain and deny your severe avoidant attachement-style.” Probably for the best.)  I read recaps online, but I didn’t watch any of the episodes after my last Bachelor blog, except for the “Women Tell All.”  My friends peer-pressured me into it, and I love them for that.

At the same time, I still feel compelled to do some kind of “wrap up,” for Juan Pablo’s season.  The final rose, if you will…although in this case, the rose isn’t being given as a token of love/like/randiness, it’s being thrown onto the proverbial casket of reality television.  But still, it’s a rose.  There’s not much to be said, because I think the events speak for themselves.  Juan Pablo revealed his true colors as a man-whore whose brain was evidently lodged far south of his skull.  The women were, for the most part, as desperate and catty and just plain silly as usual.  I was pleased to see that Sharlene and Andi had the cajones/common sense to leave of their own accord.  (Although Andi is coming back as the next Bachelorette, so who knows how long that common sense will last…) Frankly, I wasn’t even surprised by any of it.  Disappointed, yes, because last season it had seemed that Juan Pablo might have been a bit different than the typical Bachelor bro.  But not surprised.  Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting old, because it’s come to the point where – in spite of the humor and the absurdity of it all – the show just makes me sad, because I know that, at least on some levels, it’s a reflection of society as a whole.

sad jpabs

And if we are treating real life and relationships anything like they do on The Bachelor?  That just “eeees [not] ok.”


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