Menfolk Confess…Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of the “Menfolk Confess…” series! If you missed Part 1, you can catch up HERE.  Let me know what you think!

Men vs Women

Question 1: Of all the women you see in an average day, what percentage of them would you consider (generally speaking) attractive?

  • “The majority of the women I see on a daily basis are what I consider ‘normal’…I see a handful of women every day that make me take notice, but it’s not like every woman I see on the street is Frankenstein’s monster, either!”
  • “50% attractive, but only 10% worth making a romantic effort towards at first sight.”
  • “about 85%”
  • “maybe 10%?”
  • “I would say the majority of women I see in a day (from my age group) are attractive…close to 75%, if not higher.  Like I said, there’s a whole variety of different things that contribute to a woman seeming attractive, though, and physical appearance is only one of them.  I could see a really attractive sorority girl walk by on campus, but then she runs into one of her friends and I overhear them talking about how drunk they got last night and the guy she didn’t know but she went home with him, and I’m instantly turned off by her lifestyle and the way she finds her identity.”
  • “I’m married, but I have always found 90% of women attractive from some kind of trait, whether it be the yes, personality, body type, or a pretty face in general.”
  • “3-4 out of 10 girls I see are attractive.”
  • “Attractive? 20% Attractive to me? 5-10%”
  • “There are plenty of beautiful women, but there are few that come across my path that I can be genuinely attracted to upon looks only…I value intellect and all the corny ‘what’s on the inside’ bullshit too highly.”
  • “None. I’m in Afghanistan, asshole.”

General Conclusion:  It really depends on the guy for this one.  Some are drawn only to a small, particular range of beauty “types,” while others appreciate a much larger spectrum of beautiful women.  What stood out the most to me was that most seemed to agree that beauty alone is rarely enough to truly interest them in a woman.  For a quickie in the bathroom of that dive bar, sure, they’ll go off of looks alone. But when it comes to genuine attraction (psychological as well as biological) to a woman, looks are but one of many important factors.

Question 2: Many girls (and guys, of course) struggle with acne. Having severe or moderate acne can really play into a girl’s sense of identity, as she sees something that seems “ugly” in the mirror each morning. What might you say to girls who struggle with this issue, and what are your thoughts on using makeup to cover this up?

  •  “I want it to not be a big deal but it is. If someone has a little bit it’s no problem, but I’ve never been attracted to someone who had severe acne. Keep grinding because it is only temporary. It will go away. Scarring isn’t a big deal so don’t worry about that.”
  •  “There’s a lot of different ways to treat acne and there are a lot of different types of acne….In general, if you take care of your skin (2-3 times a day if necessary) it’s not going to be a game changer.
  • “Luckily I have never had to deal with this particular issue personally…I can definitely accept the idea that girls can really battle with it due to hormones, skin type, etc. and I wish they didn’t have to…I would want them to know that at the end of the day, if we love you, the depth is much deeper than some superficial skin conditions.”
  • “I had acne as a teenager so I’m very sensitive to this. People can’t do anything about it so I don’t judge them for having acne. I would date a girl that has acne.”

General Conclusion:  Guys will admit that they notice if a girl struggles with breakouts, but they seem to be pretty understanding about skin problems.  After all, most every battles acne to some degree at least once in their life (hello, high school years).  It’s been said that beauty is more than skin deep, and for the most part, these fellas seem to agree.

Question 3: What impresses you most about a woman?

  • “Intelligence, ambition.”
  • “A fit body, contagious smile, and beautiful eyes draw me in, but a truly gorgeous person and personality keeps me around/interested.”
  • “What impresses me most about a woman is her maturity and knowledge of her identity, and confidence in her body/self…If a woman can accurately communicate who she is and what she wants to get across, with confidence and sensitivity, I am super impressed.”
  • “If she is independent, funny, a strong Christian. I like a girl that can stand up to a guy (I like girls that scare me or I have a healthy fear for). Girls can’t really do much about the way they look (like their face) so if they have other stuff they can control in order, I think that’s cool.”
  • Loyalty, respect, honesty, beauty.”

General Conclusion:  Men may do a double-take when they see “dat ass,” but at the end of the day, it’s who you are (not how you look) that will have them weak in the knees.

Question 4: If there was one thing you could let women know, regarding any topic, what would it be?

  • Be confident!…Hold yourself to the standards that you set for yourself, not the standards that society sets for you.”
  • Confidence in yourself is 80% of the game…oh, and if you like a guy, Spell. It. Out. We don’t pick up signs, that stated, we don’t send “the little stuff” [subtle signs] either.”
  • “Support the men in your life and help them to reach their goals. But, have your own [too]. If you are in a relationship, let your significant other know those goals and tell him how they can help you reach them.”
  • You do not need a man to live a satisfied life. I believe that goes both ways.”
  • Be dedicated to being great at something, regardless of what it is. Having an ability that is physically or mentally demanding, whether it’s in sports, music, dancing, doctor, nursing, teaching, etc. is attractive.”
  • “Having a genuine character and good values/beliefs is the most attractive quality a woman can have.”
  • Personality and confidence, in the end, is what will turn a guy on, over and over again.  If you’re trying to attract a guy purely physically, you’re just trying to get laid.”
  • You’re a daughter of a King! For Pete’s sake, find your identity in what it means to be deeply loved and cherished and valued by a God that doesn’t see you by the world’s standards. Stop trying to find your sense of self-worth in things that don’t matter, whether it’s a guy’s opinion, your parents’ approval, your friends’ affections, or the media’s portrayal of what it means to have a meaningful life.”
  • “Men aren’t normally the best communicators. dealing with men in friendships/dating, you have to find a communication style that communicates value in all depths. Physical value, emotional value, intellectual value.”
  • “I would tell them that men don’t care about the number on the scale. Men want their women to be healthy.”
  • “Don’t be twigs…If you look hot with less skin revealed, you’ve got it going on.”
  • “If there was a way to kindly tell women that they need to bring their outer beauty up to match their inner beauty, I would…And girls, if you ask your man for his HONEST opinion of your body, he won’t tell you. And you don’t want him to. So NEVER ask.”
  • “If you have your priorities straight (work, gym, diet, school) you are attractive.”
  • Drive, determination, and passion are going to outshine anything physical.”

General Conclusion: Well, you heard ‘em…



Question: So, what do you think?
Ladies, were you surprised by any of this?
Gents, did you agree with what this sample population had to say?


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