“Dames Confess…” Part 3

Alright yall, we made it to Friday!  To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, I’ve got the final installment of the “Dames Confess…” series ready for you!  If you need a refresher on the previous posts from the series, check out PART 1 and PART 2.  Let me know what you think!



Question 1: “Why the yoga pants everyday? I get that they’re comfortable, but you don’t work out all day. I don’t walk around all day in basketball shorts without a shirt on, and it equates to the same thing in my mind.”

  •  “I feel like my whole lower half is on display [in yoga pants] and some girls like that, but I don’t. I don’t want you staring at my butt, it’s creepy. But most girls love it because of the comfort factor.”
  • “If underwear was socially acceptable that’s all you’d see. But yoga pants are as close as we get to that free-balling feeling. Deal with it.”
  • “Yoga’s are comfortable and they make our butts look good…also, we get an extremely uncomfortable abdominal pain once a month – that shit deserves yoga pants.”
  • “Yoga pants are extremely comfortable. Just listen to Tim Hawkins’ yoga pants song and you’ll understand.”
  • “Some girls just really don’t care. They want to be comfy and couldn’t care less what other people think…(although yoga pants make our asses look amazing…).  If you see a girl at school in workout clothes, she probably works out between classes and doesn’t want to carry around a change of clothes all day. That’s what I do…”
  • [Ok, breaking anonymity…My codependent love-affair with yoga pants can be detailed HERE.]
  • “Is that even a question? They are magical spandex-y wonderlands that show off all of our squat work. If it bothers you, then try taking us on nice dates where we have to dress up.
  • “Ask that question again after you put on a pair for about 2 seconds.  And we know yall love how our assets look in them.”

Question 2: “Do girls really wear makeup and perfume, etc., because they want to, or because they think we as guys like it? ‘Cause 99% of us would rather see girls show up in sweats for a movie night at our house that get all fancied up.”

  •  I don’t like wearing makeup and I don’t like girls who cake on their makeup. However, some girls can do amazing things with makeup that I can never do. I can’t hate on really any girl that wears a lot of makeup. If it make her feel pretty, so be it.
  • “Hell no. I do it because I like it. I feel dead sexy when I’m put-together.
  • “When it comes to makeup, I think I use it as a self-confidence booster. I can highlight the features I like, and cover up those I don’t – so I feel prettier and can be more confident. I think perfume has a different meaning…Women want to have a ‘signature’ smell in order to stick out in people’s memory. No one wants to be known for their BO.”
  • “A + B = C.  Women wear makeup because we think it makes us look pretty. If we are pretty we are told men will like us.”
  • “Some girls truly love doing makeup. Some do it because they can’t fathom anyone seeing them without their ‘face’ on. The best thing my boyfriend did when we first started dating was to tell me to come to his house without makeup on.  He made me feel so comfortable and tells me I’m beautiful without it. It has really boosted my confidence. Guys – if you truly want girls to wear less makeup – tell her! It’s a major compliment.”
  • “Really, I don’t wear much makeup.  Most days I don’t wear any.  If I do, it’s to cover up whatever is making me look particularly wretched that day.  But fragrance, on the other hand, is compulsive for me…I have a really strong smell-memory, and I’m paranoid about smells, so I have a few favorites that I rotate through…Being told that I smell good is one of my favorite compliments.
  • “I wear makeup for a couple reasons.  I do enjoy getting fancied up. It makes me feel womanly, and  it’s a fun way to creatively express myself. I would also wear less if I was more comfortable with my skin. When I’m at home with my husband, I have no problem not wearing any makeup.”
  • “We like to feel good about ourselves, and a lot of times some makeup and smelling good helps with this…Also, this contradicts the yoga pants question. What do you want from us?!”
  • “I wear makeup for myself, not a guy. There’s nothing wrong with enhancing what your mama gave you.

Question 3: “If you could wear what you wanted as a girl, would it be modest clothes or skimpy clothes? If you just choose by what was most comfortable and what you felt your best in, not worrying about other people’s opinions.  Like, I can see how a crop top could be comfortable and cool, but leggings? Is that comfortable or is it a leg straight-jacket? And let’s not even start on jeggings.”

  •  “Jeggings and leggings are so comfortable.  If I didn’t care about the way I dressed, I would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day!”
  • “Cut-up t-shirt, sports bra, jeans, AND PONYTAIL. I’m all about comfort.
  • “If I had to choose one, my comfort level would sway more to the modest side.  Stretchy yoga pants, oversized sweatpants, sweatshirts, cut-up t-shirts are probably the most comfortable clothes to me. But sometimes I like spandex shorts, too.”
  • “I am not comfortable in super tight-fitting clothing or having a lot of my chest showing. For me, more modest clothing is comfortable.  Also, the pressure of a crop top? No thank you. My abs can’t always be in prime shape.”
  • “Leggings are the most comfortable clothing ever made…Honestly, though, if I could wear anything I wanted, it would probably be my white cutoff shorts and a fun flowy tank top and flip flops. I am a summertime girl, so any chance I can, I have shorts and a tank top on.”
  • “I’m pretty much a closet nudist. Like, you don’t want to know how many work emails and phone calls I’ve taken while hanging out naked at home.  But I actually really love sweaters and leggings.  Except it’s really hot for 9 months out of the year where I live, so that’s not really practical too often.  And yes, leggings are incredibly comfortable, but it probably helps that I don’t have a pair of testicles to get trapped in all that spandex.”
  • I’m not gonna lie, I like to show a bit more when I’m feeling confident because I have a good body and I want to show it off before I get old and nasty.  That being said, I will draw the line at certain things because I did grow up wearing modest clothing, so I’m always worried people will judge me…And yes, leggings are very comfortable, although I have to really cover up the crotch region/butt because I feel very uncomfortable if whatever top I’m wearing isn’t long enough.”
  • “Naked, always.”
  • “I already wear what I want. Modest with a splash of sass. I’ve learned men don’t really care too much what we wear, just as long as we are confident in it.”

Question 4: “So how does a girl’s ‘time of the month’ vary depending on the girl? I know many girls who don’t seem to be overly affected by it, but there’s a few who really just seem like they’re trying to milk it. (I had one girl claim she was on her period for three weeks. Turned out she was seeing another guy and didn’t want to rock the boat.) So is it really that different for different girls? Or are some girls just complainers? Or is it that terrible for everyone and most girls are just troopers?”

  •  “Hell yeah, we are troopers. We are bleeding from down under and have to accept the fact that it is a normal thing!”
  • “It’s pretty much miserable no matter how you slice it…and yes, all of us tend to complain about Aunt Flo. But some truly truly do have it worse than others. I have had friends that have thrown up from cramping so bad…
  • “I do not deny there are girls who milk it!…However, all girls are different…just as every woman’s cycle is different, a woman’s cycle can vary month to month….Regardless, our ovaries are freaking out for not impregnating them, so you should lean on the side of compassion.”
  • “Oh my, some girls have it so bad that I think they are talking about some sort of disease. Those who are blessed like me only get a slight back pain and are just a little bit more irritable….So make sure to find out what type your girl is like and sympathize accordingly.”
  • Way too many girls I know will say ‘I’m allowed to be a bitch, I’m on my period.’ Excuse me?! No. Of course, ever girl is different, and I can sense myself becoming more short-tempered as it gets closer, but that’s just it. Most girls know it’s coming, so you should be able to have some self-awareness. No one is entitled to be a bitch. Ever.
  • “It can be miserable for some girls, but it’s the 21st century. Take an advil and stop whining.  If it’s still a problem, there’s probably something wrong, so see a doctor.  Men may not bleed out for a week each month, but they get the fun of going to war and getting shot at, so women playing the pity card makes no sense to me.
  • “It’s pretty different depending on the woman…I’m sure some girls use it to their advantage but menstrual cycles suck, so it’s probably best to assume it’s real.”
  • “There’s not real way to know what other girls are truly feeling vs. being complainers about. Sometimes it’s awful though…However, it’s never, ever, an excuse to be a raging bitch.
  • “First and foremost, never tell a woman she’s trying to ‘milk it.’ Even though some of us can be overly dramatic, how would you feel if it felt like someone was continuously punching you in the abdomen for days at a time? We can’t control our emotions, just bear with us…it’ll be over soon.”

Question 5:  If you could tell men anything, pertaining to any topic, what would it be?

  • “Remember, all a girl really wants to feel is to be loved…Most people don’t realize that a lot of girls settle for guys who don’t respect them enough, and we are quick to compromise a lot about ourself.”
  • “There are 3 things that will get you the girl (60% of the time it works every time): Confidence, Chemistry, and Chance.  But seriously, just say hi. I promise I’m not scary.”
  • “Just go read Domi’s ‘Men, It’s Ok...’ blog.”  [I love my friend for this. And no, I did not suggest that she mention my blog!]
  • “I think I would tell men not to sweat (pun intended) it too much if they don’t have a six pack, huge arm muscles, etc. It’s not that big of a deal. Yes, looks are important but they are the most important part of a man by any means. A man is made by what he does, not by how he looks. So just be a gentleman, be confident in who you are, and you should be just fine.”
  • [Sorry, breaking anonymity again.  But I’ve written on this before, so I’m just going to say that if you want my opinion, check out the THESE LINKS or the one above.]
  • “Don’t be so influenced by what your friends think! Be confident in your beliefs and stand up for them. Especially when it comes to your girlfriend. Stand up for her and help your friends see her how you do. Of course, if they are ALL saying the same thing about her, you may want to listen, but you get what I mean!”
  • “You were created with a purpose, and part of that purpose is your identity as a man. Embrace it! God made you to be a MAN, so don’t cave to society’s ‘gender-neutral’ cultural ideals.  Embrace your masculinity and live up to the standards of real man – a man after the Maker’s heart.”
  • “Treat every human being with love and stop being a douche. You’ll get so much further in every aspect of life if you stop beating each other up and stop trying to play games with women.”
  • ” [Just say] ‘Yes, babe.’ It will get you so far in life. Happy wife, happy life.”

So, what did yall think?  Were you surprised by any of these responses, or the overall attitudes of the women surveyed?  Were the women as surprising as the men in the “Menfolk Confess…” series?  (I had someone tell me she thought the women sounded a lot more “honest” than the men, and the men seemed to be “saying what they thought girls would want to hear.” I didn’t think that was the case at all…and honestly, knowing most of those guys moderately well outside of the survey, I can tell you that they were being completely forthright.  A bit less “locker-room” in their language, maybe, but their sentiments were entirely the same.)   Now that we’re finished with this series, I’ve got some fun fitness-related blogs planned for the next couple weeks.  If you have anything in particular you’d like to see coming up – pertaining to nutrition, fitness, life, or anything else – let me know.

As always, thanks for following along!


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