24 Lessons In 24 Years

I always get nostalgic when August rolls around. Sorry, that’s a lie. I always get scared out of my brains when August rolls around.  Because my birthday is in August, and ever since my 20th birthday – when I had this major pre-quarter-life-crisis about leaving my teen years behind and entering my twenties with an entirely different kind of life than I’d imagined – I’ve panicked about how quickly the years pass in comparison to my achievements.  There is so much that I want to accomplish and do  and learn and be, and at almost-24, it sometimes seems like I’m standing in a pit of quicksand in the middle of a busy freeway…why can’t I accomplish and do and learn and be all of the above right this moment?  I know this is (mostly) my raging type-A personality getting the upper hand. (It might also be partly due to my parents’ frequent laments regarding their lack of grandbabies…to which I respond by pointing at my younger adult-siblings and reminding them that my womb will be happily collecting cobwebs for the forseeable future.)  In effort to combat that, I do my best to focus on what I have achieved, where I’m going, and how greatly I have been blessed.  For all the things I still want to achieve (or wish I already had), I’m blessed to be where I am as I head into my last year before the quarter-century mark.  I may still be relatively young, but I’ve done a lot of livin’ and a little learnin’ through the years, and thought I’d share some of the more wellness-related lessons with yall. Apparently getting old is making me generous.  Who knew?

mom and me - spring 1991

Fact: All babies born in Tennessee will have a mullet before the age of 3. (Some of us also get PBR in our bottles, but that’s another issue entirely…)

24 Lessons In 24 Years

  1. You should never waste your time with cheap whiskey, cheap chocolate, or cheap men (or, for you manfolk, cheap women).
  2. You will rarely, if ever, regret a full night’s sleep.
  3. Psychological health and spiritual health are deeply entwined with physical health.  All the facets of wellness are interdependent.
  4. Life is also too short not to be able to laugh at yourself.
  5. Sometimes you have to build the tracks before the train comes.
  6. A good “wolf pack” will change your life.
  7. So will yoga pants.
  8. Photoshop and the fashion industry are in cahoots, and they can be a huge mindf*ck if you let. (Hint: Don’t let them.)
  9. Grown-ass women have grown-ass woman bodies, which is a good thing.  Embrace it.
  10. Grown-ass men have grown-ass man bodies, which can be sexy even without a six-pack.  Embrace them.
  11. There are few better combinations in life than: chocolate + coconut; hot tubs + winter nights; eggs + avocado; endorphins + Eminem; grey skies + cigar smoke; dirty jokes + best friends; saltwater + bikinis; campfires + rednecks.
  12. Clothes are overrated – home is where the pants are not.
  13. You may never grow out of your “awkward stage,” but you’ll eventually stop caring about it.
  14. Habits will make you or break you.
  15. Guys who say they just want to sleep with you really just want to sleep with you.
  16. You can never drink too much coffee or watch too many How I Met Your Mother reruns.
  17. A little bit of foam rolling and trigger point therapy goes a long way.
  18. Lifting heavy things does not make you manly.  Being a man makes you manly.
  19. Your recovery is often more important than your training.
  20. Just eat the damn food.
  21. Health and fitness are important, but not the most important.  You are more than your body.  No one really cares if you have a thigh gap. Seriously, stop obsessing.
  22. Grind smarter, not harder – prioritize your efforts for the important things in life, because 80% of your output comes from 20% of your work.
  23. Your fears are worth overcoming.  Put your pride aside, try new things, and challenge yourself.  No risk, no reward.
  24. Strive for excellence, recognize your imperfections, and accept that there’s mercy enough to cover it all.


“May you live all the days of your life.”

Jonathan Swift



3 thoughts on “24 Lessons In 24 Years

  1. Ah there are so many good points and lessons here that I can’t possibly touch on them all.

    First! Happy birthday! Is it today?!

    Second, I LOLed at the PBR comment. So funny.

    Third, you hit the nail on the head with those pairings and combos. 👌

    Have a fab weekend! 😍

    1. Thanks, doll!

      Nah, it’s Monday, so I’m soaking up a few more days of youthful 23-ness. 😉 Have a splendid weekend with your man and the MB!

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