Older and Wiser [or at least weirder…]

Decided to take today off from “real” blogging in order to enjoy some time with my family and soaking up the beautiful grey, chilly, semi-drizzly day.  (All my life I wished my birthday fell during winter- my favorite season- instead of summer- my least favorite- and today has been chilly with overcast skies, in the middle of a horrid 100°F heat wave, no less.  This feels like a miracle).  I worked a few hours this morning, and now I’m safely snuggled up in my yoga pants with a pile of books and a huge mug of coffee, with plans of deadlifting and slamming some iron around in a little bit.  I may be getting old, but I also plan on getting stronger.



Last night I was trying to think up a theme for this next year of life, something like “The Year of the Grind” (aka “the year of working your ass off and accomplishing everything you should have already done, ya slacker”)…but then I decided that’s stupid.  I’m always “grinding,” and if anything, I need to take my own advice and grind smarter, not harder.  So I’m still thinking of a theme for myself.  Because I’m weird and I love themes.  Maybe “The Year of Carbs”…that would be fitting, don’t you think? If you have suggestions, let me know.  When I finally settle on something, I might share it with yall, but maybe I won’t.  I’m old now, and old people can do weird sh*t like that if they want to.

And now I’m off to enjoy some time with the wonderful people who make this life such a terrific one.

PS: My parents bought me lingerie and wine for my birthday last year (for my imaginary boyfriend?), and this year I have the feeling it will be edible body lotion and/or a mail-order husband from Russia, or a starter cat.  We’ll see how optimistic they’re feeling…



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