10 Tips for Vacation Fitness

My brother arrived home from Afghanistan this past weekend, so I’ve been in San Diego the past few days celebrating with my family. There has been quite a bit of hotel coffee, (as evidenced by my compulsive Instagram documentation), late nights, driving (oh the driving….), and family time.


Somewhere in there I’ve squeezed in a couple workouts, and if realized that my approach to fitness on this vacation has been different than usual. I packed zero food aside from road trip snacks and had no pre-planned workouts or workout schedule. We’ve stayed at a couple different military bases (which always feel like home) as well as one civilian hotel, but no matter where we’ve been, the freedom and flexibility have been surprisingly nice. I thought I would shares few suggestions for those of yall who might be on the road this summer, too.  (For more vacation fitness tips, check out THIS post.  For some quick bodyweight/no-equipment workouts – perfect for on the road! – check out THIS post.)

10 Tips for Working Out on the Road

1. Minimalism is your friend. See THIS little AMRAP I did to start off a workout in the world’s tiniest hotel gym. You’ll be surprised with how many good workouts you can get in when you’re creative with what you’ve got!
2. But make sure to pack enough socks…learned that the hard way.
3. $1 beef jerky is not your friend. It sounds like a good idea when you see it at the commissary while in the throes of lunchtime “hanger,” but there is a reason it’s only $1. And if you eat a whole bag for lunch, you might almost see that lunch again during your workout.

4. Your routine will not be “normal”and that is ok. It’s good. You’re on vacation! Embrace the chance to shake things up and rest a bit more.
5. Make the most of your surroundings. By the beach or in the mountains? Enjoy some kind of outdoor activity.  Staying at a hotel with a nice pool? Go for a swim. If you’re staying on a military base, check out the base gym. Some of them have really nice facilities! (I took advantage of their beautiful kettlebell selection and did the strength circuit from THIS post.  I was sweatin’ hard but smiling even harder.)
6. Don’t neglect your mobility work. After a lot of time crammed in a car or on an airplane, your body needs to be rolled, stretched, and prodded (aka trigger-point therapy) more than ever.
7. Give yourself the rest you need! It’s easy to go-go-go till late at night, and then want to wake up at the crack of dawn to maximize your vacation time, but you’re not going to be maximizing anything if you’re exhausted, worn out, over-stimulated, or grumpy. Taking a night to stay in, decompress, and get some extra sleep might be just what you need (especially if you’re an introvert like yours truly…).


8. Enjoy all the delicious “vacation foods,” but do try to get some good quality protein in there too! This is especially important if you’ll be working out on vacation.
9. On the bright side, vacation treats like gelato, brick oven pizza, and stroopwaffels make for some great workout fuel, so take advantage and eat up! (Carb loading done SO right.)
10. Sometimes playing hard is even better than trying to crank out a workout.




Do you usually try to squeeze in workouts while on vacation?

Is vacation or time on the road usually stressful for you, or enjoyable?

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?


5 thoughts on “10 Tips for Vacation Fitness

    1. That hiking trip sounds amazing! It’s been a great vacation, but I’m going to be really reading to be back in the swing of things soon.

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