No Excuses (And No Arms)

I talked yesterday about the power of your mindset and the importance of training your thought habits.  How fitting that the same day that posted, I stumbled across this amazing family…Watch the video and read the (very short) story accompanying it.

Now try and tell me all about how hard life is for you.  Yes, life is unfair, and even more so for some than for others. But it is what you make of it, so choose joy.  Choose to make things happen instead of making excuses.  Choose to work your hardest and focus on the good. Choose to fight even when you’re not sure it will work out.  Choose to count your blessings instead of your challenges.  Choose to be active, to eat well, to rest, to play, to fight, to laugh at yourself, and to live with abandon.  Choose to strive for excellence and still give yourself grace.

The mother and son in that video could ask, “Why me?” And guess what – so could I.  I could ask why I was blessed with a healthy body.  At the end of the day, the answers to the whys are less important, because what matters is what we do with the hand we’re dealt.  That mother and son would no doubt be the first to say that they are blessed, because they know that as long as you’re breathing, you’re blessed.  Arms or no arms, healthy or sick, rich or poor, pretty or plain, fancy or simple, athletic or clumsy, you are blessed.  So the next time you’re temped to complain about your body or your workouts or your life, call a timeout and take a hard look at yourself.  You’ve got a body and a heartbeat, and I’m guessing most of yall also have two legs and two arms.  That’s more than a lot of folks can say.  Don’t begrudge your blessings, don’t make excuses, and don’t pity yourself for your hardships.  Give thanks for what you’re given, make the most out of your resources, and choose to chase after the life you want.


5 thoughts on “No Excuses (And No Arms)

  1. One thing I’ve been trying to do on a daily basis is just settle myself down on my bed and close my eyes and put my hand on my heart and think about all the things I am grateful for. This was so inspiring–thank you for sharing.

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