“Angie” – A Simple Bodyweight Workout

Here’s a fun workout for yall to enjoy if you’re looking for something new.  I stumbled across this one on instagram, and the person who shared it called it “Angie.”  CrossFit names their benchmark WODS after women (as Stephanie explained earlier), but I had never heard of Angie.  It didn’t sound too intimidating, so I wondered if it was an actual CrossFit WOD…but sure enough, according to this handy little infographic, Angie is one of the CrossFit benchmarks.  She’s a bit of a shrew, but one that can be tamed.


  • 100 pull ups
  • 100 push ups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 squats

Angie WOD

Now, I’m a bit of a maverick, so I switched up the order, changed variations of certain exercises, and broke things into smaller supersets.  That may not jive with CrossFit protocol, but I’m not exactly a CrossFitter, and I did what I had to do to make Angie my beeeyatch.  Apparently this workout is also supposed to be completed as quickly as possible.  I didn’t check the infographic until a couple days after I did the workout, so I didn’t time myself, but I can tell you for sure that my time would not have been impressive.  Unless we’re talking about sprinting, I’m a form-trumps-speed kind of dame all the way.  So this is what my version of Angie ended up looking like:

Superset A 

  • Pull ups x 5
  • Sit ups x 10
  • Repeat for 10 rounds total

Superset B

  • Chin ups x 5
  • Heels-to-heavens x 10
  • Repeat for 10 rounds total

[insert water break and celebratory “I just did 100 pull ups” dance here]

Superset C

  • Push ups x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • Repeat for 7 rounds total

So in the end, my workout looked nothing like what you’d see in a real CrossFit box where folks are doing Angie.  My numbers in the end were not all the same (100 pull ups/chin ups // 200 sit ups/heels to heavens // 105 push ups // 105 squats) But that’s fine by me, because I got in a nice workout that didn’t require too much thought (I may have had Netflix playing while I busted this out, and by “may have” I mean “did have”) and I was able to crank out 100 pull ups in one workout…that was the most intimidating part of all this, since the most I’d done in a single workout before was 50+ change.  If you decide to give this a shot, I’d encourage you to structure it however you need to be able to complete it!  Do it fast or do it slow, do supersets or just work your way through one exercise at a time, have Netflix on or blast some Maroon 5 (no shame) or whatever you need to do…Just make sure you use good form and make it fun!



What’s your favorite bodyweight workout or bodyweight exercise?

Have you ever done a benchmark WOD?

What’s your favorite thing to listen to (ok, or have playing in the background) while you workout?



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