13 Years

Taking a little departure today from the usual programming…

In honor of the anniversary of 9/11/01, I have just two thoughts to share.

Never forget.

And never stop fighting.

 America is different than she was 13 years ago.  In some ways better, and in some ways not.  But one thing that has not changed is the fact that we are blessed beyond measure to live in this great nation, and we’d all do well to make the most of that gift.  To serve wherever we’re able, to defend our freedoms, to chase the opportunities we are afforded, to be heroes, to live for a purpose that is greater than ourselves, and to give thanks for all of it.

So never forget, and never stop fighting. 

September 11 firemen raising Old Glory

For those interested, this firsthand account of 9/11 from the former Press Secretary of George W. Bush gives a pretty amazing perspective.  And for those who may have trouble remembering what we’re fighting for, I hope this short clip will help spark your memory:

And for those who want to test America’s patriots?  Well, a certain Mr. Keith put it best when he said “We’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.”  So you’d best watch your back, because we’re coming for your asses.


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