Bits and Pieces No.2

Last week I shared some “Bits and Pieces,” just a collection of the most interesting and most helpful and most hilarious links I’d found throughout the week.  This week brought another batch of really splendid internet finds (and a couple lovely real-life ones, too), so once again, I thought I’d share with yall.  Who knows, maybe this will become a weekly thing (let me know if that sounds wonderful or dreadful!)…

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Pre-workout brewskis with the broski last week. Let’s just say the workout that followed was not exactly my finest.


One-Dumbbell Workout —> Great option for at home (sub a Swiss ball for the bench if needed) or when the gym is crowded!

The Olympic Weightlifting Squat —> One of the best squat articles I’ve come across in a long time.  If you squat, you should read this.

CrossFit Bodyweight Workouts —> My friend sent this to me after seeing my post on my Angie-ish WOD.  Great resource to keep on hand for days when you want to spice up your training with something new and need a little help getting that mojo going.


 Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Mug Cake —> This is delicious, and pumpkin-y foods are a requirement these days because it’s September, which is almost autumn, and apparently it is already starting to look all lovely and autumn-y in some areas. (Not that I would know…California’s summers last far. too. loooong.  Check back with me in November.)  If you’re not into gourd-flavored goodies, there’s always the chocolate version.

Vegan Banana Cream Pie Blizzards —> Dairy-free soft-serve goodness for those us who can’t have dairy and aren’t exactly experiencing autumn right now.  (ahem…)

Diet Research, Stuck in the Stone Age —> Dr. David Katz reacts to the recent study of low-carb vs. “low”-fat diets.  He does a good job of explaining the (glaring) problems with the study, and with nutrition science in general.


“Unexpected Compromise by the NFL…”  —> Well, I’m officially a Bengals fan now. (Also, pray for the Still family…I can only imagine how awful that must be.)

What Women Need to Say to Each Other to Shatter the Dark —> Voskamp always has me on the fence.  Some posts I read and find myself nodding and thinking “Preach it, girl!”  Others I read and can’t help but grumble, “Daaaamn, hippie, can you just tone down the feels for a sec?  And what is with your syntax??”  But this was mostly a winner.

Anatomy of Songs —> Hilarious (and spot-on) chart.

7 Awesome Smartphone Photography Tips —> The underwater photo trick is my favourite.

Men Holding Kittens for the First Time —> Let’s be honest, I didn’t just watch this for the kittens.

When IKEA Outsmarts Apple —> Yest, this was clever, and yes, I am a sucker for a Nordic accent, but mostly I like it because it reminded me to disconnect a little.  Pick up a real book instead of spending my reading time on PubMed or WebMD (My name is Domi, and I have a problem.).  But really, yall, go read a book this weekend.  A real one, with pages.  And honestly, the IKEA catalogue probably doesn’t count.


Have a splendid weekend, yall.  I’ll catch ya back here Monday…and you won’t want to miss what I’ve got coming next week.  It’s a little, shall we say, feisty?


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