Beauty in Strength

Hey yall, some personal things came up yesterday and I ended up having less time to blog than planned.  My family has had this sweet old golden retriever since I was 15, and he’d been pretty sick (and getting worse) over the past couple months, so finally we had to put him down.  It was sad for all of us to lose the old guy, but makes me so happy to know he’s not in pain anymore.  It was pretty heartwrenching to see him declining.

15 September 2014

Instead of rushing through the topic I wanted to write on, I’ll save that for later this week when I’ve got time to do it justice.  In the meantime, I’ll leave yall with this short video that ties in so very well with yesterday’s subject.  I hope you enjoy, and as always, I’d love for you to chime in with your thoughts.

Beauty in Strength


What are your thoughts on the intersection of training/fitness/beauty/sexuality/all-of-the-above?

(Loaded question, I know…but it’s a pretty loaded topic!)

PS…I’ve seen a lot of new readers popping in lately, so hello and thanks for dropping by! I hope to see yall around more often, and I’d love to connect on twitter or instagram, too.  Don’t be shy!


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