Bits and Pieces No.3

Honesty is the best policy, right? So now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll let yall know that I’ve got 5 hours of sleep and 0 cups of coffee in me as I write this, so I may or may not be on top of my game.  Some exciting things are on the menu for my weekend (including work, but that’s fine, I like being my own sugar mama), and I hope yall are planning to enjoy yours, too.  Today I’m continuing this new little Friday tradition of sharing some of the best links I’ve seen this week…and like my sleep, this is probably going to be a little on the short side.

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4 Basic Movements for Kettlebell Workouts —> This is great for anyone interested in using kettlebells.  They’re a really fun way to shake things up and add a new dynamic to your workout (due to the unique shape and balance of the ‘bell), and working out with kettlebells always feels like play.  This kettlebell strength circuit is a fun one…and a doozy!

Stop Texting: It’s Actually (Scientifically and Psychologically) F*cking Up Your Life —> Yes, it’s from Elite Daily, but this had solid arguments. My inner curmudgeon was cheering as I read this.  I hate having conversations over text – don’t get me started on man-children who only text and never call – and I hate feeling tied to my phone.  (Ask my friends…I’m a terrible texter.)

Mindy Khaling calls B.J. Novak the “One Who Got Away” —>  Mindy is my spirit animal, so this was kind of a big deal. Also, who else is dancing their pants off with happiness that The Mindy Project is back??

Staten Island Crossfit —> I don’t know a soul from this box, but they shared my post on resistant starch (the possible new superfood), so I thought that was neat.  Thanks, yall!

Man With Cerebral Palsy Paints Masterpieces Using Only a Typewriter —>  Ok, technically I first saw this a couple weeks ago, but I just have to share it.  This man is truly amazing, and even more remarkable than his talent is his attitude and his faith.  He is a testament to the fact that your perspective can make you or break you, and just how much can be accomplished when you make the most of the body you’re given.


Like I said…short and sweet.  Make your weekend one for the books, and I’ll meet yall back here on Monday!


One thought on “Bits and Pieces No.3

  1. I’m a terrible ‘texter’ too 😦 Some of my friends get frustrated with me but I’ve had to explain to them that it’s ‘not them, it’s me’! Haha. Don’t take it personally. I hate to feel like I have to respond right away. If you want a quick response, call me!

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