Sweet Spot Workouts [Including One For Yall To Sample…]

Everyone needs some good, speedy workouts in their arsenal.  Life’s big and wild, and there’s plenty of ass that needs kickin’ outside the gym…so I don’t always have time for long workouts, and I’m sure yall don’t either.  Sometimes what you need is a wham//bam//thank-ya-ma’am deal, you know?

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If you’re hankering for a quick way to get sweaty and tired, I’ve got you covered today.  More accurately, Jen Sinkler has you covered with one of her new challenge workouts, The Spark, from her bud “Cardigan Mark.”  Remember the simple bodyweight ladder workout that I raved about?  That was all her doing.  This is another ladder-style workout, but this time it’s a descending ladder, which makes things a bit easier mentally.  I gave it a whirl after work one afternoon when I was more than a little stressed, anxious to sweat, and utterly uninspired to come up with anything on my own.  (Yes, I’m human.)  It was more of a challenge than I’d expected, but no so much that it was grueling.  You know those workouts that get you sweaty enough to feel like a sexy beast, but not so tired that you can’t even enjoy that feeling? Yeah, this workout is in that sweet spot.  Sweaty, sparkly, and satisfied.*

(Ok, maybe keeping the AC and fan off helped with the sweat factor.  But still.)

Head over to Jen’s site to check out The Spark…and if you give it a shot, let me know how sweaty you get/how much you love it!


Do you prefer to make up your own workouts or draw inspiration from others?

What’s the “sweet spot” for workout length for you? (For me, it depends. But I could do different kinds of strength training for hours and not get bored. Running, on the other hand….)

*Yes, I realize it doesn’t sound like I’m necessarily talking about a workout.  It was unavoidable.  Just go with it.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Spot Workouts [Including One For Yall To Sample…]

    1. Oh man, I used to be like that, but finally realized it wasn’t for me. Mama needs her sleep! These days I only get up that early if I got to bed early, too.

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