Bits & Pieces No.4

It’s been eventful over here lately, yall.  Among other things, I had a great deadlift session, and have the gnarly shins to prove it:

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This is what I get for pulling conventional, even with knee socks!

I also spent a good portion of my week planning for some exciting changes that will be coming up in the near future here on the site.  There has been a lot of coffee consumption (what else is new?), coffeeshop hopping, and more than a few moments of eye-roll-inducing frustration.

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Cue eye-rolling, zombie-staring, selfie-taking frustration.

Overall, though, things are coming together nicely, and I’m excited to be able to roll out some new stuff here in the near future.  Aside from working out and working on…well, work…it’s been a weird week.  Good, but weird.  Suffice to say I am blessed with some of the best friends in the world in my little wolfpack, and they deserve a cash reward for putting up with my shenanigans.  So instead of talking about why I’ve had to ask 3 separate people this week whether they have herpes (don’t judge), the minor panic-attacks I had over a would-be intruder and a (separate) potential stalker, or how I only shampooed my hair once in the past 5 days (again, don’t judge), I’m going to share some delightful things I found on the internet.  And I’m keeping it short and sweet, because I’m headed out to meet up with some of the aforementioned wolfpack in approximately 30 minutes.  It is Thirsty Thursday, ya know…


I Wear Large Bikini Bottoms — Excellent piece from Neghar Fonooni on how size really doesn’t matter.  Cue “All About That Bass”….

Fitness and Menstrual Health — All about the female athlete triad – amenorrhea, osteoporosis, extreme fatigue – and how to prevent it and/or recover from it.  (Ok, this one is geared more towards ladies, but there’s still an application for men..keep reading!)


Caramel Cookie Dough Oatmeal — Caramel, cookie dough, and oatmeal sounds like a trifecta of goodness into which I would happily faceplant.

Sugar Taxation: A Healthy Nudge in the Right Direction? —  I disagree with the idea of taxing sugar-laden foods (I prefer the government to let us choose for ourselves what to eat without punishment for choosing something deemed “unhealthy.”  We’re big kids, thank you very much.), but this piece explores the pros and cons of the idea and is a great discussion-starter (chime in below with your comments!).

Cancer-Fighting Red Cabbage Salad — I’ve made this before, and happened to enjoy it again last week…by enjoy, I mean ate the whole batch by myself in 3 days.  It’s the easiest thing to make, and it’s perfectly refreshing and crunchy.  Plus, I think fall is cabbage season (not that it makes a crazy difference – cabbage is dirt cheap pretty much year round).


You’re Not Going to Get Ebola — This mini-post from blogger Matt Walsh was a slight balm to my hypochondriac-leaning soul.

The Woman’s Heart Attack  — Women present the symptoms of a heart attack very differently than men, which may be why they have a drastically lower survival rate.  Don’t panic, but do make sure you’re well-informed.

“He’s Not Scary, He’s a Little Boy” — This got me right in the feels, and I absolutely loved the author’s suggestion for an alternative response from parents.  If you’re interested in learning more, she also has a blog chronicling little Jameson’s journey.


What are your thoughts on the proposed “sugar tax?”

Are you celebrating Thirsty Thursday or doing anything fun this weekend?

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Thirsty Thursday, Part 1: A soy chai. Ok, two of them. I have a problem. (Part 2: about to happen, and NOT to be documented…)


6 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces No.4

  1. Those are some serious deadlift bruises! Although I think I have you beat as I’m pretty sure I popped a blood vessel in my knee deadlifting last night – all the capillaries came to the surface and it swelled up instantly. Very gross! haha

  2. I agree with you in regards to the ‘sugar tax’. If the government starts taxing sugar – what will come next? It wouldn’t reduce the purchase of sugar for those who really want it. An individuals choice needs to remain up to the individual!

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