Minimalist-ish Circuit Workout

Some days you wake up ready to just crush your workout…And then other days you get in the squat rack or on your mat or to the trail and you think to yourself, “I got nothin’…”

I’ve had a lot of those “I got nothin’…” days lately.  Not necessary burn out, but more a sense of restlessness and trying to figure out what how I truly want to train.  My workouts have been shorter and less intense than normal, and I may have fallen asleep on my yoga mat mid-workout last week.  I’ve decided to turn this little dry-spell into an opportunity to try new things with my training and find my mojo again.  (A lot of handstands and inversions have been happening, and I’m convinced we could all stand to spend a little more time upside down.)

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Not having a long term program at the moment means I can amp-up the “play” factor and really focus on the joy I get from moving – in whatever training/playing modality that may be – and then eventually figure out how to work that into my long-term training structure.

But that’s more rambling than you wanted, so let’s get to the point.  Today I woke up and decided I was in the mood for an exercise smorgasbord…I threw together a little bodyweight circuit, and sandwiched it between a mile run (to warm up) and this weight-plate complex (which looked so fun that I had to try it).  It was a little sweaty and a lot fun.  It’s pretty minimalist – all you need is a bench/step/sturdy chair, a chin-up bar, and a place to do inverted rows (you can use a table, as seen at Nerd Fitness) – and it’s one of those circuits that gets your heart pumping but isn’t balls-to-the-wall intense.  You could do it on it’s own for a 25-30 minute workout, or tack it on to another short circuit or a short run if you want to stretch out the sweatiness.

Minimalist-ish Circuit Workout

leg lifts on bench x 25 (This gives you an added range of motion to increase difficulty, but doing them on the floor is fine, too!)
toe-taps on bench x 20 each foot
inverted rows x 15 (modify foot positioning as necessary to suit your level of strength)
curtsy lunges x 20 each leg
jumping jacks x 50
windmills x 10 each side
step ups on bench x 20 each side
“monkey” pull ups x 8 (hands are stacked in front of each other and you are facing parallel to the bar, rather than perpendicular…alternate between bringing your head up to the left and right of the bar)

Perform the exercises in order with minimal rest between each.  Take a minute or two to rest at the end, then repeat for 3 rounds total.

Have at it, have fun, and let me know how you like it!

PS…did you take the survey yet?  It’s only a few questions, and it would mean the world to me to have your feedback!  Survey is here.


What do you do when you’ve lost your mojo?

Which kinds of workouts feel most like “play” for you?

Do you follow a set training program or just go where your mojo leads you?


2 thoughts on “Minimalist-ish Circuit Workout

  1. I’m working on trying to get my exercise mojo back after being sick for a good 2.5 weeks. This looks like it might be a good start 🙂 Also, a more general comment – your blog is inspiring – especially your yoga posts. I’m new relatively new to yoga, and seeing the pictures of your inversions and being aware of the strength that’s needed for them…I want to do that!

    1. Sounds like perfect timing – hope you enjoy this workout if you give it a go. Thanks for the feedback, as well! I hope to have more yoga/acro posts up soon…and I’m convinced that anyone can do it if they put in the practice. Keep it up! 🙂

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