Monday Motivation (with Mama June)

Just a couple things to share with yall today.  I know – it’s Monday.  Mondays can be rough.

mama june hair done

…But you’re tougher than Monday.  With the right perspective, Monday isn’t an imposition but an opportunity for excellence.

And, you know, an opportunity to laugh at yourself.

Like when you start talking to your dog in a voice that resembles an Italian-accented Cookie Monster.

(At which point you should probably seek more human companionship and/or professional help.  Or at the very least more caffeine.)

Apologies, I digress.

I wanted to pass along a couple things I came across lately, because I think they would make your life – or at least your Monday morning – much better.

First off, this fantastic article from We Got Real “The Real Bod: Sags and All.”  Tara’s perspective is one that we would all do well to adopt.  Bodies are real, and they are imperfect, and they are beautiful, and they are not the source of our worth.  My favorite part:

“…health encompasses the entire body, not just our physical bodies….a healthy person is healthy in the mind, body, and spirit.  They eat well, but don’t let it control their lives.  They are not afraid of food.  A healthy person does not hate their body. They do not see it as the enemy.”

Amen to that. Your body is a gift, NOT a burden.  Cherish it as such.

On a lighter note, this song has been stuck in my head for a couple weeks.  It’s fitting, because it’s fitting.  As in literally. As in I’ve got a berdonk-with-a-capital-B wider center of gravity.  As in I can relate so hard.  But I kind of can’t stand the song itself.

This version, though? I’m all about that bass those harmonies. “Please, sir(s), can I ‘ave so’ more?”

And finally, if it’s been One of Those Mornings for you, I have a cure.  At the very least, it’s a Pepto Bismol and a bandaid for whatever ails you.   Seriously.  Try not to laugh.  If you’re offended…well, you do know whose blog you’re reading, right?

Now yall go out and attack the day.

Seriously. Pretend you’re Mama June and this week is a bottle of ketchup.  Or something like that.

mama june ketchup attack


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