Exercise As Medicine

A friend sent me a link to this short video the other day, knowing that I am fascinated by the impact of exercise on physical and mental illnesses.  Some of the statistics shared were astounding, and the video as a whole was too good not to share.

Spoiler alert No.1:

Physical activity is some of the best medicine out there. That’s obviously not to say that it should be employed to the exclusion of other treatments, or that it is the most effective treatment for every ailment…but it is a potent tool that can be used as a preventative measure, on its own, or applied with other treatments to help increase their efficacy.)

Spoiler alert No.2:

The required dose is far less than you might think.  People often hear that exercise can help reduce their risk or improve symptoms of various ailments, and the typical assumption is that such an intervention will require a hefty commitment in terms of time and strenuous effort.  The studies and statistics shared in the video show that this is not the case.  As little as 30 minutes of walking each day can greatly mitigate the symptoms of many of the most common illnesses in the Western world.  If you want to train for a marathon or the Crossfit Games or a powerlifting competition, that’s fantastic.  Just keep in mind that while a high volume and intensity of training can make a difference in athletic performance and fitness, it certainly is not required to get the disease-fighting benefits of exercise.  Don’t be afraid to start small – just get up, get out, and move.


What are your thoughts on the video?

Which of the statistics did you find most surprising? (I was shocked by the improvements in dementia/Alzheimer’s patients and those with high risk of stroke!)

What is your motivation for exercising?

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