March Madness Barbell Complex

Am I the only one who really appreciated the fact that March 1st fell on a Sunday? There’s just something about a new month and new week starting at the same time that soothes my Rain-Man soul.

But I digress.  It’s Monday, and who doesn’t want to start their week off with a great workout?  For you runner people, maybe that’s a nice long run.  For you yoga-addicts, maybe that’s an hour spent twisted and sweating with other bendy souls.  For you CrossFit junkies, maybe it’s a really hard “WOD” named after “Fran” or “Cindy” or some other woman who may or may not really exist but whose name serves as a harbinger of pain, sweat, and tears.

For you people who like to feel strong, generally fit, and capable of dealing some good ass-kicking…I’ve gotcha covered.

little kid lifting trap bar deadlift

Here’s a barbell complex I threw together a few weeks ago.  Barbell complexes are handy because they’re time-efficient and can be tailored (by varying the load on the bar and the reps/speed) to test your strength or your conditioning or a sweet spot somewhere in the middle…this one was somewhere in the middle for me.  Also, confession: I used just the Olympic bar.  And while that may sound pathetic, the good thing is that it shows this workout can be scaled. If you are a beastly former rugby player, you can throw a few 45# plates on there.  If you’re someone who’s just getting into (or back into) strength training, feel free to use a weighted fitness bar or a 25# bar or whatever is challenging but doable. (And remember that you’re not doing this complex in a power rack or with any kind of safety rails.  Don’t be stupid.)

In case you’re new to barbell complexes, here’s how it goes down:  Perform the exercises in order without setting the barbell down.  After all the exercises have been completed (one round is done), put the bar down.  Rest for a minute or two, then lather/rinse/repeat.

Now here’s where the magic happens:

March Madness Barbell Complex

If you need clarification or want to see demonstrations of the individual exercises, here you go:

Have fun, get sweaty, and make sure you let Monday know who’s boss!

Absolute favorite kind of workout?
Which do you have more fun training – strength or conditioning?
Best moves for barbell complexes?


2 thoughts on “March Madness Barbell Complex

  1. I love this! Basically I discovered barbell complexes (I think from Neghar Fonooni?) last year and love throwing them in to my routine – they’re so great for hitting the whole body and I love how efficient they are! I hadn’t thought of doing ab roll outs at the end… yikes!

    1. They’re fantastic, right? Let me know if you try this one! (And you will love the oly bar rollouts. They work my abs like nothing else.)

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