TRX Circuit Workout

So tell me, how did yall like slinging that barbell around with the March Madness Barbell Complex I shared on Monday?  I hope it kicked your butt in the best way possible!

Today I’ve got another fun workout for you, but this one doesn’t use any barbells.  Actually, the only weight you’re moving in this workout is your own bodyweight.  The twist? Suspension training with TRX straps.  Suspension training great for a number of reasons.  Most of all, I like that it’s a fun change from traditional strength training, and it allows you to move your body through nontraditional patterns of movement.  (Translation: It makes you feel like you’re a trapeze artist while you work out.  Minus the leotard and tights, of course…)

This particular workout features several mini-circuits and a fun finisher to get your heart pounding at the end.  As always, make the workout work for you. Don’t be afraid to substitute or modify exercises as needed, and adjust rest breaks to suit your fitness level.

TRX Full Body Circuit

Exercise explanations/demos can be found here:

If you enjoy this workout, let me know how you like it!
(And I would love for you to share it with your friends!)
PS: What are your thoughts on the workout images I’ve started using?  I want to make these workouts as accessible as possible for yall, and infographics have always seemed to me to be easier to pin/save/use.  Let me know what format would be most helpful!


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