Front Porch Friday

Yall know what today is, do you not?

omg friday monkey

Even though Fridays are really more like my Monday, I’ll celebrate with you.  We can pretend we’re on the front porch throwing back bourbon sweet tea laced with Jack and talking about life.  Because I’m southern and that’s how we do things.

To start, I’d share some fun news with yall: One of the most popular search terms that led someone to this blog over the past month was “big ass nudist.”  For some reason, that fact brings me an unreasonable portion of delight.  Maybe it’s that one post that featured Mama June? Or the fact that I recommend answering emails in your birthday suit?  Or the one with the naked guy and the hippo?  Who knows?  And yes, you don’t need to say it because I already know – I need professional help.

Oh how true it is.

Oh how true it is.

For the record, there are no nude photos on my site, nor will there ever be. (Sorry, creepers.)  I keep those bad boys under lock and key, because I’m a classy broad. (Sorry, Mum and Dad. Just kidding. Mostly. Is this is going to make things weird at family dinners now?)

Anyway, the point is…well, there is no point.  A friend recently suggested that I post more life-related posts rather than only posting when I have something to share about fitness, health, nutrition, etc.  I told him folks would be bored to tears reading that kind of thing, and he told me I was wrong.  So here goes nothing. (HiiiiiTim!)

It’s been weird blogging this week while being off of social media. (Can’t remember if I mentioned it here, but I gave up social media for Lent.)  Normally I share posts on instagram/twitter/facebook, so it’s felt strangely anticlimactic to not see comments and likes from those or any other posts.  On the bright side, it’s really freeing.  I’m much more present, focused, and efficient when I don’t have the distraction of thumbing through social media feeds.  You know how multitasking is a thing? Monotasking needs to be a thing.  It’s definitely becoming my thing these days.

don't wish just do

Speaking of being present, I’ve been enjoying the really (really really reeeaaally) early spring we’ve been having out here.  It’s been in the high 60’s, and supposed to be 75°F this weekend.  We’re talking spend-your-lunch-outside-and-actually-need-sunglasses type of weather.
Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset
I’m basically living in that Jake Owen song.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the cold (really really reeeaaally), but we didn’t exactly have a real winter this year.  NorCal was stuck in some kind of weird puberty-of-the-seasons and it was just as awkward and unappealing as my teenage years.  And like my adolescence, I’m glad the winter-that-wasn’t is finally over.

You know what is definitely not over, though? Grad school applications.  I’m so excited to start grad school, but there are about a million hurdles to leap over in order to get there.  I kind of hate the bureaucracy of academia.  And by “kind of,” I mean “really really reeeaaally.” 

three hobbies photo

Word to the wise: Have some idea of what you want to do with you life before you throw down $80K on a degree.

Word to the really wise: Don’t get the aforementioned degree in English.  Study something that will actually get you into a career from which you can actually earn a living.

unemployable ecard meme

To distract myself from that stress, I’ve made a point to make time for adventuring.  My friend convinced me to go on a bike ride with her last week.  It was all well and good until I realized this shindig was taking place on trails.  I hadn’t been on a bike ride in about a year (aside from a 15 minute commute to a former job last spring), and I’ve never actually been trail riding (mountain biking? or is that BMX and stuff? I don’t know what the whippersnappers call these things.).  It was fun, I tried something new, and I managed not to break any bones.  Where I’m from, we call that a success.

hike with Monks 3.5.2015

This week, I convinced her to come “hiking” – quotes because the elevation is minimal and it’s practically a paved trail in some parts – in my neck of the woods.  It was beautiful, we filled up on vitamin D and girl talk for two hours, my ghost-white legs somehow avoided getting a tan, and now I’m here.

Writing about myself and Mama June and my quarter-life crisis.

In flannel, yoga pants, and wet hair piled on top of my head.

I live such a glamorous life, it’s a wonder TMZ isn’t knocking down my door.

Or maybe it’s more of a wonder that I haven’t started a collection of cats yet.  (Although, according to my dad, I’m “more of a budgie lady.”)


Best adventure you’ve had recently?

Do you want to see more front-porch, shootin-the-breeze posts like this?


4 thoughts on “Front Porch Friday

  1. Tim was absolutely right….Love hearing all of your hilarity. Do it more! (But keep the fitness stuff coming too.) Thanks so much for the good chuckle and I think you have an awesome life.

    XO ALoha-
    PS I tweeted you a direct message. Knowing you’re off social media might explain why you didn’t reply? Or maybe you’re avoiding me? Now I’ll search for a way to email you. Just a quick little question thats all…

    1. Haha, thanks…It was fun to spill my guts, so “Front Porch Fridays” might become a weekly thing.

      Sorry to miss your tweet! Shoot me an email: eatprayliftblog [@] gmail. 🙂 Hope you and the groms have a great weekend and get some good waves!

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