Front Porch Friday 3: Hustlin’ Like a Frat Boy

Pour yourself a drink – sweet tea, anybody? – and let’s talk about this week…

I’ll be sipping on a little off-menu barista special I call “The Creamsicle.”

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Half green tea, half valencia orange juice, lots of extra ice (I ask for a cup size bigger), and 1-2 scoops vanilla bean powder.  A splash of coconut milk – thanks Uncle Howie! – on top is highly encouraged.  Peeeer pressuuuure.

Spoiler alert: it tastes like an orange creamsicle popsicle.  Cue all the childhood nostalgia.  One sip and I’m ready to run through the backyard sprinklers in my birthday suit.  So just try it already, would ya?

Let’s get down to business.  Oh wait, that’s what I’ve been doing all…week…long.  I don’t know about yall, but this week flew by.  Even though plenty of big life-changing career-altering decisions are still up in the air, everything is broken down into primary objectives and action steps.  So many lists, so many tasks, so many checkmarks.  It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I really would tell you this if we were sitting on my porch swing drinking sweet tea.  My lack of social awareness knows no bounds in cyberspace or real life.  Just ask my friends.)

The point is, I’ve been getting a lot done.

I sold my car, which was exciting.

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He was my first, and he’d been a significant part of my life since I was 19, but our relationship was tumultuous and I’d known for a long time that we needed to cut ties.  So finally me and Mr. Craigslist made it happen.  Of course, now I have to shell out for a new car…Hopefully a sexy 90’s pickup.  (What can I say? I like ’em older and a little rough around the edges. Cars, I mean.  Not men.  Well ok fine. Both.)

In the meantime, I’ve been borrowing my parents’ old minivan.  Let me tell you, it’s really hard to pick up hotties when you’re driving the swagger wagon.

Warm weather seems to make me do pinterest-y things (remember last year’s redneck crop top?).  And by “pinterest-y” I mean I scrolled through pinterest for 30 seconds, grabbed a pair of scissors and a plain tee-shirt, turned on Gossip Girl reruns and started slicing away while waiting for a business call.  To my surprise, it turned out to be semi-wearable.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Pinterest: success. Posing: fail.

Of course, there are still some kinks to work out.  Like how I wore my newly sliced-n-diced shirt when I stopped by work that afternoon, and my coworker greeted me with, “Oh, hey! I’m not wearing a bra, either!” 

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Starbucks in hand because I have THAT much of a problem. #basic

But at least now I know to stay away from air conditioned rooms when I wear it.  #knowledgeispower

Speaking of putting it all out there, this week I’ve been hustling like never before.  There are a few personal projects I’m working on, but most of this is in the professional realm.  I’m shy by nature, but when it comes to jobs/school, I’m more ballsy than a frat boy on his 6th vodka red bull.  My usual M.O. is to keep calling/emailing/dropping by unannounced until I get an offer or get told to go away.  Charming? Maybe not.  Effective? Yes.

(Unlike the frat boy.)

19march 2015 (1)You may not be the best, but you can choose to be the most persistent.  And while it won’t always get you the “yes,” it’s opened more doors for me than any other approach.

Of course, that life advice is coming from someone who has a college degree and still gets the urge to run naked through the sprinklers.

So, you know, there’s that.

PS…thanks to Marilyn for featuring my post on “50 Shades of Fitness” for her blog post on the pornification of fitness. She’s got some great input, so check it out!


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