When “No” Means “Yes”

saying yes and no

Multitasking can be a good thing when it comes to accomplishing smaller or simpler objectives.  But for those grand dreams that linger on your mind whether you’re in your office or your shower or your bed?  Those bad boys require intense focus if you have any prayer of accomplishing them.

They require you to be all in.

It’s pretty damn impossible to be all in with more than one thing at a time…

And the kicker is that if you try to go all in for two or more goals at once, you’ll almost always end up greatly diminishing your chances of success with any of them.

Trying for a 30 minute marathon PR and 75lb front squat PR in the same training season?

Doing your medical residency and making your way through law school at the same time?

Traveling through Europe and paying off your student loans as quickly as possible?

All admirable things to which to aspire…

But definitely not a recipe for success.

The best recipe for success has only one ingredient: 100% focus and effort poured into that goal until it’s done well.

And that will mean saying “no” to a lot of things.  Invariably, some of those things will be really awesome.  Sometimes, the only reason to say “no” will be that something could detract a small percentage of your focus and effort from your greatest goal.

The one to which you’re saying “yes.”

When you know the end goal you are pursuing, saying “no” becomes an act of freedom.  It may cost you many good things, but it allows you to say “yes” to those things which are even greater.

Going all in is a sacrifice and a risk, and an ongoing one, at that.  It requires passing on great opportunities you may never again have.

But it also means you might find success beyond your wildest dreams.

So the question is…do you know what you are saying “yes” to?


2 thoughts on “When “No” Means “Yes”

  1. Oh my I could not agree more! I fully admit I am terrible at multitasking but that doesn’t stop me trying to do ALL the things all the time! Very recently I’m getting Bette at saying ni and prioritising the things I really want to do… But yeah, its not easy!

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