Lower Body Workout: Buns a’ Blazin’ [no equipment needed]

You have those pants, don’t you?

The jeans – ok, maybe yoga pants – that you can always count on to make you feel like your behind could put Beyonce out of business?

Yeah, you know the pants I’m talking about.  They’re your “good ass day” pants.  The pants you wear when you know you might run into an ex-boyfriend or someone you hope will be your next-boyfriend.  The pants you put on when you need a visceral reminder that you are a fine specimen of humanity.  The pants that can redeem a bad hair day or a bad first date, just because they make your bum look impossibly smackable.

This workout is like those pants, but on crack.

It will make you buns burn in a good “aren’t you a hot mama?” kind of way.  It will get you all hot and bothered sweaty and endorphin-y.  It will build strength – both physical and mental – as well as confidence.  And after you finish, you’ll feel just as ready to go take on the world as when you first slip into those pants.

So if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, turn up the music and light your buns on fire.**

Buns A' Blazin'

**Not literally on fire, obviously.  Unless you want a bunch of firefighters showing up to hose you down….which, in that case, you know, it might really be a judgment call.  I’ll let you decide.


Give it a whirl, give it a share, and give me a holler to let me know what you think!

[And let me know how the firefighter thing works out for ya, if you end up going that route.]


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