#Amazing News

Alright, so yall know how I was that super annoying person who hinted at upcoming projects and collaborations and then went, “But I can’t tell you anything more.

Well, the time has come, amigitos.

First off, little update:  I’ve started going by Maggie [my middle name].  Maggie is a lot easier to spell/pronounce, it fits my personality, and…well, I actually love it.  I’ve never liked my first name and had been wanting to switch for quite awhile, for both professional and personal reasons.  Since I’ve got a lot of new projects and professional endeavors coming up, this seemed like the perfect time.

[Speaking which, be on the lookout for for the launch of MaggieGetsReal.com, my new and improved site coming this summer!]

So with that said…

Hey yall, I’m Maggie.  Nice to re-meet ya.


photocred: Paul [@takeback86]

And now for the big #amazing announcement!

Cue the theme song…

…your resident redneck reality TV blogger is back in business!

I’m so excited to *officially* announce that I’ll be collaborating with Stag, writing as this season’s Bachelorette guest blogger!

Stag is a fabulous little company that sells the most adorable tees and tanks celebrating our not-so-secret infatuation with the Bachelorette/Bachelor franchise.  [Just typed “fanchise” on accident…fan-chise…Freudian slip much?]


n o t m e #obvs // Source: STAG [shop.letsgostag.com]

You can check out their collection on the Stag website and see for yourself.  Spoiler alert: The tops are all high quality, super soft, and absolutely perfect for your Monday night #BachelorNation uniform. I’ll definitely be wearing my favorite [the boxy tee] when I tune in for the season premiere on May 18th!

Anyway, Jess – the owner of Stag – contacted me a couple months ago to see if I was interested in blogging for Stag for this upcoming season of Bachelorette.

Full disclosure: I did a happy dance/twerk when I read her email. Not even ashamed.

Of course my answer was yes. I am stoked to begin this collaboration and have another chance to unleash my inner snarkasaurus.  I sidelined myself for this past Bachelor season so I could focus more on working out grad school shenanigans and generally sorting through my quarter-life crisis.

[Farmer Chris, let me know how I should repay you for my negligence.  Feel free to be…creative…]

After finally getting to meet Jess in person and hash out the final details, I’m even more excited.  She’s fantastic – the creative sparks were flying! – and Stag has high quality products that are fun, sassy, and unbelievably comfy. 


n o t m e #obvs // Source: STAG [shop.letsgostag.com]

You might say they’re #amazing. And if you don’t get that Des-reference, you need to catch up on your Bachelorette reading!

Did I mention I’m in love with my boxy tee already? Seriously, I’m never taking it off…ok, maybe for skinny dipping.  Or Farmer Chris.  But that’s it.

So what does this mean for yall?

If you were at all amused by the hijinks and hilarity of the past seasons of Bachelorette/Bachelor blogs, you’d best get your sweet little behind over to the Stag blog on Tuesday mornings!  We’ll relive all the craycray together, along with a whole heap of snark. [You know you love it.]

The shenanigans are going to be absolutely wild this season, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Got it?

Tuesday mornings: you + me + Chris Harrison + Stag.


It’s a date.


photocred: Paul [@takeback86]


PS! To say “thanks for reading and getting weird with me!” I have one more little surprise for yall:
Jess is giving a sweet discount to all the beautiful humans who follow this blog!  Head to the Stag shop and use code  MAGGIE10 at checkout. Yall are #amazing!

Be sure to tag me [@maggiegetsreal] and Stag [@letsgostag] when you’re rocking your #StagSwag as part of your Monday night uniform! You may or may not have a chance of getting featured in an upcoming blog post… 😉


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