A Workout For When You’d Rather Watch TV

We’ve all had those days, right? Where you just absolutely do not want to get off the couch?  Or when you’re massively crunched for time and have to choose between catching the latest episode of New Girl [ or The Bachelorette….hint hint!] or working out?

Kind of a terrible feeling, right?

Been there, done that…and I’ve got your back with this fun workout that you can do right in front of the TV.

Sure, you could take this to the gym/backyard/park/back alley [don’t really recommend that one, but mama ain’t gon’ judge.]…but if you feel like multitasking and getting in a quick workout and some entertainment, too, this is perfect for you.

30 minutes [just enough to keep you busy for one episode!], no equipment needed, and can be done even in the smallest of spaces.

Tell me you’re not tempted.

Yeah.  That’s what I thought.

The only thing left to do is cue up Hulu and set your interval timer.

The I Just Want to Watch TV Workout

Some of those moves might be unfamiliar; if you need a little explanation, check out these video demos:

Let me know how it goes!

[And as always, I’d love for you to pin/share/tweet this if you enjoy it!]


If you like the idea of working out while you watch your favorite TV shows, you might like this post about creative ways to get more movement in your day: 10 Easy Ways To Be More Active.


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