Embarrassing Confession and a Year’s Worth of Lessons [VLOG]

Well, in light of The Bachelorette premiering tonight [insert happy dance here], I figured I may as well share a little embarrassing story from my own dating life.

Except this story is not about one date, it’s about one year.

A whole year.

Nope, not a secret lover. That would be exciting, though, would it not? No roses, limos, skydiving, or Chris Harrison cameos, either.

The time has come to ‘fess up, and what better way to start incorporating regular vlogs that with something as awkward as this:

Please, do me a solid and share your embarrassing online dating stories! I know I can’t be the only one…and if you’re wondering about the shenanigans I got into on Tinder, read the whole sordid Tinderella not-so-fairytale here.

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PS…if you’re going to be watching The Bachelorette tonight, be sure to get decked out in your #StagSwag and tag me and @letsgostag!  Be sure to get on twitter and let me know what you think of tonight’s shenanigans! [@maggiegetsreal]


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Confession and a Year’s Worth of Lessons [VLOG]

  1. Cute girl passes by me everyday at lunch downtown, she rocks the professional work bun, pencil skirt and heels. She looks icy professional but shows warmth and kindness in her smile, eyes, and that time I saw her take a hobo by the hand into a restaurant to feed him.
    I finally said “Hi.” and returned to my sandwich. She gives me a “Hi.” back but it’s immediately clear the “hi” says “I’ve seen you around, I’d humor a date.” I’m usually very dense so I appreciate the clarity.
    She struts off and I sit continuing to enjoy licking my cheetoed fingers and then instantly every Country song ever echoes in my mind. “Don’t be falling in love as she is walking away.” “Kicking myself for not catching her name.”

    Motivated by the power of Country sappiness I catch her at the corner. She makes it difficult, she pretends to be in conversation with a stranger, he is caught off guard too, but I persist.

    I establish that we should have a date next week at lunch. No pressure, I’ll buy her a tamale from the vendor.

    Next week, we meet. She and I put on our best. She declines food, no problem.

    “What were you reading last week?” She asks a few minutes into our conversation.
    “This really good story about…” I am in my element now, talking about a novel I am engrossed in.
    “Yeah, I don’t like reading.”

    I’m floored, I am not sure where she is going with this.
    “I read a book, and then it’s like- what did I accomplish?”

    “What do you mean?” I ask.

    “Well, reading is…well, a waste of time.”

    That’s it. Date failure.

    She is incredibly opinionated on her first date:

    -Apparently I’m fine, but my church has a “reputation” as an alibi for kids who want to smoke pot. WHAT?!? Where does that even come from?
    -My high school is the epitome of hell to her: entitled monsters who fall into drug abuse. Even if this is true, it’s not exactly a conversation piece.

    I had to ask Mugatu style “Am I taking crazy pills?”

    I’d rather spend time with the girl who continued to introduce me to mutual friends by a different name.

    That being said: next time I follow the whims of country music it better be a date that goes well for more than 3 minutes.

    1. Well this was definitely one of the most entertaining comments I’ve ever received. Way to swing, even if it ended up being a bad pitch/foul ball/whatever works for that metaphor…

      And in all honesty, it sounds like SHE has the crazy pills.

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