Bachelorette 2015: Week 1, Part I

Well, last night was more than a little nuts, don’t yall agree?

bachelorette-premiere group shot cocktail party

Let’s take it from the top…

First of all, interesting that Chris Harrison has upped his game from saying each episode is the “most unexpected” and “craziest ever.” Nope, tonight isn’t just cray cray…it’s “HISTORIC.”  Buckle up, kiddos.  Fit is going to hit the freaking shan.

The mini introduction to the girls was especially interesting for me since I hardly kept up with last season.  With Kaitlyn’s penchant for inappropriate one-liners and Britt’s tendency to sob/not shower, it’s probably pretty obvious who I was rooting for.  I like dirty jokes, not dirty bodies.  #TeamHygieneAndHilarity

Then we got to meet the guys. There are definitely some characters here this season.  Some standouts:

Joe from Kentucky – I’ll be straight up, when he opened his mouth and that little accent poured out, I more or less melted. Just keep talking, dude. Just…keep…talking…

Not so much melting when Josh called his work as a male stripper “the best job on earth.” Clearly he’s got a solid set of abs priorities.  He mentions it’s “one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt before.” Well, yeah, buddy, but you’ve known that since you were 14 and learned how to lock your bedroom door.


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2 thoughts on “Bachelorette 2015: Week 1, Part I

  1. I love Kaitlyn! Her jokes can be a bit much at times but, ultimately, I think she’s hysterical and seems more down-to-earth than Britt. I couldn’t believe Ryan and his drunkenness! I’m surprised they didn’t ask him to leave after he tapped Kaitlyn’s behind. I like Ben + the Kentucky guy, too!

    1. Yeah, Ryan was out of control!…I kind of wish Kaitlyn would have just sent him home right after he grabbed her! My favorites are Ian, the Bens, and Tanner.

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