Bachelorette 2015: Week 2

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photo source: SheKnows Reality TV


Whew! Things are heating up fast this season.  With all the drama that’s already gone/going down, it’s hard to believe we’re only on week 2!  Let’s start this recap with one of my favorite quotes from the night…

“I don’t see guys in there who are ready to get married.”
– JJ

But don’t worry, he may be unemployed and living with his parents, but he’s totally ready to get married.  You’re not sounding too “puckable” right now, amigo….let alone ready to get married.

Group Date: Boxing

So forcing the guys to come to fisticuffs for their first group date makes sense.  It’s dramatic, it gets them out of their shirts, and it will do something to get a little testosterone flowing.  They’ll be vying for alpha-male status as well as Kaitlyn’s attention.  All around a good idea, until it is put into practice and somehow makes most of the gents look less manly than before.  They have to be editing this to intentionally make the guys look this bad.  Whatever, at least Laila Ali is there to coach them.  [Sadly, most of them seem to need a minute to figure out who she is.]

After this group date, it has been decided that Ben Z needs to spend the rest of the season shirtless.  On the flip side, Tanner looks pretty good until he lets a little bomb drop: “My idea of going to the gym is sitting in the steam room for 30 minutes.” Bro. Bro.  Why you gotta go and slow my roll like that? You know mama can’t hang with a dude who doesn’t take care of himself.

Jared is the token injury of the night.

He takes a quick trip to the hospital [Kaitlyn does not seem bothered by this in the slightest] and sneaks back to the group date to have a camera guy pass Kaitlyn a note that lures her out for some streetside smoochin’.

Don’t worry, it gets worse when he says, “My head may hurt but my heart has never felt better.”  Someone please call a cardiologist, because I think I’m having a myocardial infarction from all that cheese.

Ben Z. wins the award for being able to cook and having the best body of the group.  The other guys noticed too, with a lot of comments about him being “a brick wall of meat.”  Let’s just say I’ve never wanted to throw myself against a brick wall…until now.


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2 thoughts on “Bachelorette 2015: Week 2

  1. I laughed out loud at the Ames tweet 😀

    I still think I’m #teamkaitlyn but, I’ll be honest, there is something about her I don’t care for. I can’t figure it out but I’m just not sure about her intentions. I feel like she is just there to get her name out and date around? I know, I know, judgmental call but it’s just a vibe I get when watching.

    That said, I think Ben Z is one of my favorites (if not my favorite!) I also really like the track/runner guy (can’t remember his name??) And, of course, Shawn from the first episode!

    1. Ian! The Princeton-car-accident-overcomer-hunk-a-burnin’-love one, right? Yes, he is definitely one of my favorites despite how little we’ve seen him [maybe in part BECAUSE he hasn’t yet gotten into shenanigans that would earn more screen time haha].

      Ben Z. is still my favorite overall…and funny enough, the mother of one of my friends knows him. Crazy, right?!

      I get that vibe from Kaitlyn, too. If we’re being honest, though, I usually care more about the guys than the bachelorette, so it doesn’t really bug me. More drama for us to enjoy! 😉

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