Chaos and Grace [VLOG]

There’s so much I could post about these days – and I plan to do so over the next couple weeks.  But right now, in the midst of moving to a new town and starting new job[s] and navigating all kinds of changes, this is what I want to share with yall.

Most of us go through seasons where life seems chaotic and we can barely seem to tread water, let alone swim.  It’s easy to get frustrated, whether at the rip currents of life for being to strong or at ourselves for not being stronger than the tide.  Life, like the sea, sometimes requires swimming parallel to the shore for awhile. That’s can be a tough pill to swallow when you’re the kind of human who’s hardwired to charge obstacles head-on. But swimming against a riptide solves nothing and only serves to exhaust you.  So let’s talk about how to navigate the undertows:

Swim parallel.  Give grace.  And repeat as necessary.


What’s your typical reaction to life’s chaos?

Do you find it hard to have grace for yourself in rough seasons?

Anyone ever been caught in a real rip current?


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