Move. Just MOVE.

photo source: pinterest

photo source: pinterest

There’s this book I read recently, by this guy I’ve never met, recommended to me by another guy I’ve never met, and the book changed my life.

No, I’m not referring the the Bible.  [The Bible has changed my life, more than any other book, but that’s a story for another post – or preferably a campfire and a bottle of wine.]

Insert Kirk Cameron movie trailer here…

The book is Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuk.  I’m planning to do a whole post about how that book/Bossman G. changed my mindset, and through that, career trajectory…but no big deal y’know, everyday stuff.  But for now I want to show you an incredibly short and insanely powerful video he shared on facebook just a couple days ago:

Watch it here.

Seriously, watch it.  Right now.


It’s less than 30 seconds long, so don’t even tell me you don’t have time.  And really, that’s what it’s about.  Gary’s message is simple: MOVE.   Not in the sense of fitness and physical health [“Get off your ass and move!” – Michelle Obama/P.E. teacher/Jillian Michaels/et cetera…], but in the terms of life.

DO NOT let yourself be paralyzed by perfection.

DO NOT let yourself grow stagnant or complacent.

DO NOT let planning and worrying get in the way of doing and MOVING.

photo source: Digital Photography School

photo source: Digital Photography School

Go. Do. Move. Make something happen.

Plans are cool, but they don’t get anything done. Not even the most perfect of plans.

You know what gets things done?

Execution.  Movement.  Action. 

Action begets more action begets better action begets even more action.

Success is built on movement, so get your ass up and get your life going and move.


You know why this hit me so hard, I think?  Because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve been moving.  Geographically, yes.  But also in my career [STAG shenanigans, plus a new job as of yesterday!], in my social life, in personal projects, in so much…and you know what?

It’s been absolutely terrifying.  It’s been hard. It’s been exciting.  I have cried exactly once, and there were about three tears.  [Which is a lot for me, so go with it.]  It’s been foreign and it’s been fun and it’s been frightening.

That’s what movement is, right?

Physical movement is sometimes hard and occasionally painful and often exhilarating and at the end of the day…it’s life-giving.

Life requires movement.  

Stillness is a sign of death, movement is a sign of life.  It’s why we watch chests for signs of movement, for breath, for life.  It’s why we describe so many crucial life changes as movement.

“Moving out.”  Huge change.  It’s scary the first time, and liberating AF the next.  [If you’ve ever had to move back in with your parents as an adult, yall especially know what I’m saying.]  You get stretched, and so does your paycheck.  You learn how to change cities and the filters in your air conditioning vents.  It’s hard and it’s new and it’s wonderful.  And it’s life giving.

“Moving on.”  Huge change.  It’s perspective and it’s reality, in all their respective grit.  You let go and you bury the metaphorical hatchet or casket, closing off relationships, jobs, plans, pains and leaving them in the earth past. Instead of hanging onto dead ends for dear life, you start digging up another dream.  And it’s life-giving. 

“Moving up.”  Huge change.  It means a new position, and a new office if you’re lucky.  A bigger paycheck and bigger responsibilities.  More people are counting on you, and more people are watching you.  Some might look up to you, and some might be waiting to see you fall. You busted your ass [or in Gary-speak, “hustled”]  to get there, and if you’ve got any integrity, you keep working just as hard to live up to the potential you promised.  And it’s life giving.

betterphoto swimmer BW

photo source: Better Photo

Standing water is poison, just like a stagnant life.  

As scary as it can be to create your own momentum and move, it’s those areas in life – personal or professional – where I find myself stagnant that are scariest of all.  And the only way to fix it is to face things head on.

Whatever it is you want out of life, it won’t come about if you don’t move.  A perfect game plan won’t win games, but a persistent team will.  Game plans are ink on a page, but games are played by people on a field.  If the players don’t move [and move well, and keep moving], it doesn’t matter how good the plan is – they don’t win.  And it’s the same for you, and it’s the same for me – if we don’t move, we won’t win.  

The job. The acceptance letter. The degree. The sponsorship. The title.  The guy/girl.  The deadlift PR.  The race medal.  The brass ring that keeps you up at night, praying and hoping and planning and praying some more.  You have to chase it, you have to hustle for it, you have to fight to win it, you have to move to get it.

If you don’t move, eventually you’ll get stagnant, you’ll grow complacent, and you’ll find yourself existing in mediocrity.

Fight against stagnancy by acting.  Fight against complacency by doing. Fight against mediocrity by moving.

Just move, amigos.  Be wild like the ocean or steady like the river.  Plans don’t have to be perfect for you to execute the plays. 

Remember: Action begets more action begets better action begets even more action.

Movement leads to more movement leads to better movement leads to success, which is, in and of itself, yet more movement.

photo source: image kid

photo source: image kid

Just move.


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