Kettlebell Killa – Full Body Kettlebell Workout

This weekend I found myself in a bit of a predicament: limited time, limited equipment, and limited interest in working out.

I didn’t have access to a gym yet [I’ve been mostly working out in my bedroom since I moved into my new place], and I was working earlier and longer hours than my REM cycle would say is ideal.  Between getting sick of the same bodyweight circuits and feeling like a zombie with a hangover, the usual mojo wasn’t exactly there.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

But since my back has been feeling a lot better and my schedule should be getting a little more predictable soon, I wanted to get back into the swing of training.

I knew making the time to do things that are good for my health – even if it’s not something I want to do at first – always makes me feel refreshed and ready to kick ass.  So after a good nap, a homecooked meal, and a little housecleaning, I cued up my Hulu+ account [no shame in watching TV while you work out at home…multitasking can be good for you!] and got to work.

I kept things short and sweet with some kettlebell supersets and a nice little finisher.  This was challenging enough to feel like a decent workout – not exhausting, but definitely worked up a sweat and left my muscles a little sore when I woke up Sunday morning.  It was definitely a workout that I’ll keep in my arsenal for future use, and I figured some of yall might want to give it a shot!

Since all I’ve got  is one 15LB kettlebell, I used higher reps and more sets in my workout…feel free to decrease/increase the number of reps/sets if your ‘bell is heavier/lighter.


If you like this kettlebell workout, let me know! And as always, please feel free to pin it and share with your friends!


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