Bachelorette 2015: Week 7

Aye carumba.  This season is an emotional trainwreck.  And you want to look away, but you can’t – not because of human nature, but because we’re on the trainWe are on the train with Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison and the guys, and it is a heck of a wild ride.  So let’s dive right back in where we left off last week, yeah?

Shawn had visited Kaitlyn’s suite to talk to her, and they’re both more on edge than a crack dealer during a drug raid.  Shawn seems practically on the verge of leaving, although it takes a little bit to figure out why.   He’s very confused as to why he didn’t get the rose from the group date after he had a great conversation with Kaitlyn and showed her pictures of his family/dog at the Guinness Storehouse.  Kaitlyn is panicking because she thinks he knows she slept with Nick, but Shawn is actually just confused about them.  Kaitlyn reassures him that her feelings for him are strong and reminds him that there are still a lot of other guys who she is getting to know and she needs time to figure out who and what she wants.  Shawn leaves mostly placated.  Things are decidedly calm for a moment, but don’t worry – we’re just getting started….

kaitlyn pensive guinness

photo source: NY Post



2 on 1 Date: Joe and JJ

Let’s not beat around the bush – this was awkward as hell.  They do have a pretty cool date though.  Who wouldn’t love a romantic picnic at a castle perched atop a cliff?

Cliffnotes version of all this (sorry, couldn’t help myself): Joe says he’s falling in love with Kaitlyn.  What?  What?  Did anyone else not see that coming at all? Completely out of the blue.

Then JJ makes a big confession.  “I’m truly going to build this relationship on rock, not sand,” he tells the cameras.  So far, he’s quite accurate. They’re on an island, which is a rock.  Then he takes Kaitlyn away and warns her, “This is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever told somebody.”   I thought he was going to share the fact that he used to be a woman, that Clint was sneaking into his hotel room each night for “bromance” shenanigans, or that he had a habit of murdering small animals and storing them in his freezer.  Turns out he cheated on his wife three years ago and it destroyed his life.  It was almost a letdown after everything …but Kaitlyn handled it well and was very gracious.

And then Kaitlyn decides to send JJ home and hang out with Joe a little more before finally giving him the rose.  Who thought it was a good idea to let her hand out the rose while they were near a cilff?  These people are all under some significant emotional stress, and some are prone to gestures of an excessively dramatic nature.  The last thing you need is someone experiencing heartbreak (or a psychological break) with rocky cliffs and the Atlantic ocean right there. 


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2 thoughts on “Bachelorette 2015: Week 7

  1. I actually really enjoyed this week. I feel bad for Shawn – I definitely feel like he is cracking under the pressure. Poor guy. I guess you wouldn’t know how you’d feel until you were in the situation.

    That said, I really like Kaitlyn’s chemistry with both he and Jared.

    I already know the outcome (since I spoiled it for myself at the beginning of the season on; however, the season is playing out much different than I would’ve expected. Can’t wait to see how the rest plays out!

    1. I agree, it was hard to not feel some sympathy for Shawn. It has to be hard to be living in that semi-reality situation for so long and form relationships, while still (trying) to remember how much of it has to be choreographed for TV.

      Ahhh you’re brave to check spoilers! I accidentally saw one right after the premiere this season, but I forgot and I’m not about to double check haha

      PS…definitely not sad about Ben going home, since his home is only a couple hours from mine 😉

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