Body Image In The Fitness Industry [VLOG]

A couple of questions have been rolling around in my head lately, and I would love to hear what yall think:

Does a personal trainer’s credibility hinge upon the shape and appearance of his/her body?

Over the years, I’ve changed my tune.  Sharing more in vlog form today:

More food for thought:

Do You Have To Be Ripped To Be A Personal Trainer? by Jonathan Goodman.
I stumbled across his article literally five minutes after deciding to post about this topic – serendipity, much? – and it’s fantastic.  Worth a read no matter if you’re a personal trainer or have never set foot in a gym.

Chime in with a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the subject!


2 thoughts on “Body Image In The Fitness Industry [VLOG]

  1. I’d definitely agree with the fact that a trainer should ‘practice what they preach’. If my trainer is overweight I’m going to be skeptical as to how they plan to help me with my overall mindset and approach to physical health and wellness.

    1. Absolutely. Trainers should be implementing consistent diet/training practices (for whatever their individual goals may be) + healthy perspective in their own lives before they try to teach others how to do so.

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