The Broad Behind the Blog

Hey yall, thanks for stopping by Eat, Pray, Lift.  I’m Maggie, the dame responsible for all the shenanigans here.


The short:

 Early Mid-20’s female navigating a quarter-life crisis with a ballsy attitude, big dreams, and a lot of endearing social awkwardness. Really big fan of: PubMed, foods you can eat with a spoon, Pacific Northwest, checking items off of lists, inappropriate jokes, binge-drinking iced coffee, dancing, and trying to learn guitar.

The long:

I’m a music-school-dropout from Northern California who ended up getting her bachelor’s in English.  Spoiler alert: Both degrees are equally marketable.  And by “marketable,” I mean, “not at all.” (Fellow liberal arts majors…figure out how to use food stamps, pronto.)

This blog started the summer when I broke a hammock by sitting on it.  Those were chubbier days.  I was a recent college grad, actively funemployed, and leaving a growing dent on my parents’ couch.  In short, I needed something productive to do with my time.  Since I was already watching/cheering/mocking Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette, I figured I may as well write about it.

And thus, a blog was born.

These days, I’m somewhat more gainfully employed and preparing to get my MSW and work towards a career as a physical therapist.  As I evolved, so did this little corner of the internet. I starting writing about health and wellness in addition to reality TV romance.

This place is where I share the things that, in my estimation, make up a life well lived: faith, fitness of the mind and body, and a daily dose of belly laughs.

I am not a strict adherent to any particular diet or training style (although I can tell you that I am not a runner by any means…the trails and I have a tumultuous love/hate relationship).   You can expect to find a variety of workouts here – see the Workouts page for all of them – as well as articles on some hotly debated health topics, such as the Paleo diet, sun protection, vegetarian diets, “thigh gaps,” and “fitspiration.”

(And then sometimes I post topless photos, which makes my parents really proud.)

In all of this, my goal is always to be learning more, doing better, and living more like Jesus.

For more on my philosophy, check out what I’m all about.


Oh, and one last thing: Thank you for reading!  Whether you like what you read or it makes you want to waterboard me, please let me know in the comments.  I love getting to interact with readers- it’s one of the best parts of blogging!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or are interested in partnerships or personal training (local or long distance), please feel free to send me an email at: eatprayliftblog [at] gmail [.com].

Also, find me on Twitter and Instagram.  I promise I’m obnoxiously witty (or just obnoxious, depending on who you ask).


8 thoughts on “The Broad Behind the Blog

  1. My family just watched and dad and 3 teeanaged was terrible! Your review absolutely nailed it. Just stumbled upon your review when trying to figure out how people could actually like it. Any way read some of your blog and your writing is excellent. Keep at it!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! I’m glad yall agree about Gravity, and I’m REALLY glad you’ve been enjoying this blog. Hope you’ll pop in again soon!

  2. I wish you had an email! 🙂 You’re playful and I think you’d like an invitation to a blog hop, what do you think? 🙂

  3. Hey–Just having a look around your site, and love it all! 🙂 You’re adorable and you are doing some great things. So glad you left a comment at my site–and I’m sure I could get some inspiration from you for my new series! Hope you’ll keep in touch. Aloha!

    1. Thanks, Monica! So glad you stopped by, and I’ll definitely be checking back in – glad I found your blog as well, as I’m so excited for your coming series. 🙂

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