TRX L-sit...October 2014

Physical fitness is a big component of overall health, and this page has links to all the workouts that I’ve shared here on the blog.  Keep in mind that training should not necessarily look the same as mine – every individual has their own unique body, goals, and health context that should determine how they train.  Incorporate these workouts into your training program as you see fit, and let me know how you enjoy them and if there are other particular types of workouts you’d like to see here!

Plyometrics Pyramid Workout

Kettlebell Workouts 

A Very Basic Butt-Kickin’ (pull up/push up/bodyweight squat ladder)

The Beginner’s Guide to Pull Ups

Not-So-Hot Yoga (yoga for home)

Time for a Quickie (10-Minute workouts that require little/no equipment)

“Angie” – A Simple Bodyweight Workout (my take on the CrossFit benchmark WOD)

Lead Legs (15-minute tabata-based strength workout)

Tires & Tabatas (series of tabatas that incorporates unconventional fitness equipment: old tires!)

Sweet Spot Workouts (descending ladder workout)

March Madness Barbell Complex

TRX Circuit Workout (full-body circuit series)

10-Minute Core Circuit

“Down and Dirty” 20 Minute Cardio Blast (no equipment needed!)

“Buns ‘a Blazin'” (bodyweight leg workout)

“The ‘I’d Rather Be Watching TV’ Workout” (30 min, no equipment needed)

Full-Body TRX Workout

Sometimes I’ll post workouts on instagram, too, so be sure to follow me – @domsicles  – to get in on that action.

Happy sweating!


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